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Car Accidents: Photo Gallery By US State has collected thousands of auto pictures and crash stories from across the United States and the world. We have organized many of the photos sent to us by the state in which the crash took place. Below are links to many of these, you can also check out the main gallery which is updated regularly as pics are sent in here.

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Alabama Stories and Accident Photos (9) Alabama Car Accidents
Alabama Car Accidents
Hydroplaned into 18 Wheeler (Decatur)
Drunk Driving Accident: Rollover (Montgomery)
Truck Rollover Accident
Stop Sign Accident
Young Driver vs. 2,000 lb. Horse (Altoona)
Chevy Beretta z26 vs 2 Trees (Ohatchee)
Firestone Tire Failure (Abbeville)
Mustang Accident (Tuscaloosa)
Kia Spectra Crashes into Deer (Tuscaloosa)
Alabama Auto Accident Attorneys
Have an Alabama Story? Submit and we will add it!

Alaska Accident Photos (3+)Alaska Car Accidents

Alaska Auto Accidents
Flipped 5 Times

Subaru Crash (Soldotna)

Coma, Brain Surgery in Crash Anchorage Alaska

Locate Alaska Car Accident Lawyers
Have an Alaska Story? Submit yours and we will Post it! We have only the one from Grant.

Arizona Stories and Accident Photo (7)
Arizona Car Crash Pics
New! Honda Ridgeline Vs. Honda Pilot (Gilbert)
Volvo Meets Guard Rail (Bellemont)
Drug dealer vs. Off duty cab driver (Glendale)
Nissan Maxima Rear-Ended by Infiniti (Gilbert)
Honda Accord Smashed by Train
Pontiac Grand Am Coupe HOV Lane Crash (Phoenix)
Drunken Driving Accident (Tucson)
Find Arizona Car Accident Attorneys
Have an AZ Story? Submit yours and we will Post it!

Arkansas Accident Photo
Arkansas Accident
Arkansas Auto Accidents
Saturn Accident (Benton)
Truck Crash-Thrown out (Magnolia)
Arkansas Accident Attorneys
Have an Arkansas Story? Submit it and we will Post it!




California Car Accidents: (40 +)

Side Impact CA

California Auto Accidents
Find California Car Accident Lawyers
New! Porsche 911 Crash (San Rafael)
Infiniti G35 Accident
Dodge Stratus Head On Crash (Los Angeles)
Toyota Corolla Rear Ender (Davis)
Thunderbird Accident
Volkswagen Accident (Sacramento)
Volvo Accident (San Jose)
Hyundai Versus Hyundai (Sacramento)
Rear Ended at RR Crossing (Anaheim)
Flip Accident (San Jose)
Lincoln Town Car Hit
Neon Flips (San Jacinto)
Fire on Highway
Traffic Accident (San Diego)
Truck Rollover Accident (Riverside)
Truck Rollover Accident (Fort Ord)
Rear-ended, Culprit flees (Irvine)
Jeep Versus Honda (Marin County)
MR2 Spyder Crash (Thousand Oaks)
Saturn Accident (Torrance)
Ford Expedition Crash ( Sacramento)
Volvo Rear Ended by Cadillac (Sacramento)
SUV Accident (Highway 49)
Honda Civic encountered a GMC Sierra
Hit by a Big Rig (San Jose)
Chevy Silverado Meets Pole (Santa Cruz)
2 T-Bone Accidents (Petaluma)
Geo Metro Wreck
Sun induced BMW Crash
Malibu Crash
Speeding Accident (Sonora)
Jaws of Life Extraction (Pacific Heights)
Rain Causes Accident (California)
Chevy Crashes into BMW (Santa Ana)
Accident in The Neighborhood
BMW Broadsided (Los Angeles)
Geo Tracker head-on (Los Angeles)
Van Accident (San Jose)
Restored 1968 Fiat 124 Spider Hits Deer (Yreka)
Mini Cooper Crash (Sacramento)
Ford Mustang Convertible (Sunnyvale)

Submit your CA Story and we will Post it!

Colorado Accidents (5)
Colorado Car Accidents
Race in Volvo 850 After Concert (Littleton)
Mustang Crash (Silverton)
Mountain Accident (Near Mt. Evans)
Toyota Tacoma Flips (Conifer)
Chevy Nova Skids on Ice Hits Tree (Denver)

Have an CO Story? Get it to us and we will Post it!

CT Car Accident
13 Connecticut Auto Accidents
Connecticut Car Accidents

Find CT Attorneys >>

Merritt Parkway Crash (Fairfield)
20 Car Pileup (Avon)
Mitsubishi Montero Crash
Head on Collision: Christmas Day (Danbury)
Ford Taurus Meets Deer (Mystic)
Speeding + Ice = Accident (Columbia)
Car and Truck Accident (Darien)
Neon Problems (Bethel)
Truck and Camper Rollover (Waterford)
Hit While Pulled Over (Enfield)
1987 Jeep Cherokee Laredo (Litchfield)
Totals Volvo on Way to Work (Preston City)
Eclipse Hits Two Cars (Windham County)
1969 Corvette Hits Deer (Middletown)

Send us your CT photos and we will Post them!

De accidents
1 Delaware Accident
Delaware Accident


Have an Delaware Story? Submit and we will Post it! We only have 1!

19 Florida Accidents
Florida Auto Accidents

Find FL Attorneys >>

Dodge Saturn Accident (Fort Lauderdale)
Police Car Crash
T Boned Mini Van (Fort Lauderdale)
Ford Probe, Head-on with Mazda (Fort Myers)
Mother Killed by Cell Phone User (Riverview)
Scion Smash (West Palm Beach)
Hit and Run by Drunk Driver (Jacksonville)
Rear Ender: Failure to Yield while Merging
110mph on Dirt Road (Williston)
Geo Metro Destroyed (Jacksonville)
Mustang Convertible Meets Dump Truck (Tarpon Springs)
Rollover Outside Front Door (Largo)
Mom Killed (Milton)
Out of Control Chevy Blazer (Jacksonville)
Mitsubishi Eclipse Accident on Track (Holt)
Sunfire Rear Ended (Cape Coral)
2001 Mustang Spin Out (Ft. Lauderdale)
Dodge Dakota Hits Pole (Margate)
BMW Z-3 hit Church at 90 mph (Orlando)
Infiniti G-20 hits Telephone Pole at 120 mph

Send us your FL photos and we will Post them!

Georgia Accident
9 Georgia Accidents
2 Accidents Van + Honda (Atlanta)
Ford Explorer Rollover Accident (Atlanta)
Truck and Tractor Ride
Toyota Camry Hits Van (Rome)
Ford Probe Problems Survival Story (Double Bridge Road)
Van Rollover Accident (Interstate 85)
Ford Thunderbird and Nissan Crash (Hall County)
Chevy Collision with Jeep (Jonesboro)
S-10 Meets Backhoe (Chatsworth)

Have an Georgia Story? Submit and we will Post it.

0 Hawaii Accidents
Have a Hawaii Story? Submit and we will Post it. After 5 Years no one has send us one! Be the first!

2 Idaho Accidents
Idaho Accidents

Jetta Gets Taken Out Front (Mountain Home)
Ford Truck Accident
T-Boned Ford Tempo

Idaho Story? Submit it and we will Post it!

17 Illinois Auto Accidents
Illinois Car Accidents and Stories

Find Illinois Attorneys >>

Limo Rear Ended by Bus
Camaro Spins into Semi
Coming Home from School (South Barrington)
Chrysler LeBaron Turbo meets Ford Truck (Chicago)
Pontiac Bonneville: Brake Failure (Galesburg)
Guardrail Impales Truck (Thawville)
Rear Ended: Ejected 45 Feet (Granite City)
Flip Accident (Winchester)
Jeep Meets Sebring
Dad Survived (Bolingbrook)
Drunk Driving Accident: Nissan (Chicago)
Honda Civic vs. Cement Light post (Springfield)
Volkswagon Beetle Accident (Chicago)
Olds Alero Rollover Accident (Princeville)
Cut off by Two Ton Dump Truck (Murphysboro)
New ! Ford Tempo Hit By Ford Ranger (Galesburg)
Continental vs Drunk Driver (Crystal Lake)

IL Story? Submit it and we will Post it!

11 Indiana Car Crashes
Indiana Accident Stories

Buick hits Indestructable Mailbox
Burning Car (I-70)
Truck Rollover after a Night of Clubbing
Slid into Telephone Pole (Lafayette)
Side Impact Collision: Subaru (Fort Wayne)
Olds Achieva Hits Deer (Marion)
Truck Fatality (Huntertown)
Dodge Shadow VS Semi Truck
Caddy rear ends Flatbed Semi Truck at 100mph (Terre Haute)
Mustang Deer Accident
Saturn Hit By Truck Running Stop Sign

Indiana Car Accident Story? Submit it and we will Post it!

5 Iowa Car Crashes
Iowa Car Accidents

Truck Accident (Riverside)
Camaro Hits Rock (Runnells)
Chevy Rollover (Andover)
Firebird Flips (Des Moines)
Jeep Grand Cherokee Flip Over Accident (Story City)

Iowa Car Crash Pics? Submit them and we will put them online.

5 Kansas Car Wrecks
Kansas Auto Crashes

Deer Dashes into Road: Pontiac Totalled (Baxter Springs)
Saturn Smash
Drunk Driver Hits Jeep (Wichita)
Mitsubishi Eclipse meets Chevy Silverado (Derby)
Porsche Head-on Collision

Kansas Accident Pics? Send them and we will add them here.

6 Kentucky Car Wrecks
Kentucky Car Accidents

Lexus LS 400 Crash (Louisville)
New Driver, New Mitsuibishi Eclipse (Spotsville)
Hit by Drunk Driver
Van Rollover on Highway
Minivan Hits Bridge (Louisville)
Ice + Telephone Pole

Send us your KY photos and we will add them above.

Louisiana Accidents
3 Louisiana Car Accidents
Louisiana Accidents

Bus Accident (Tallulah)
Rear Ended Truck (Monroe)
Truck Hit, Tire Problems (Covington)

Send us your LA Car photos. We post them.

11 Maine Car Crashes
Maine Auto Accidents

Tree Slam
Dodge Neon: Hits Pole (Lubec)
Rear Ended by Van (Lubec)
Cut Off Car Accident (Lubec)
Volvo Rollover (Portland)
Tractor-Trailer Head-on Crash: 4 Sisters Killed (Ashland)
Car Wrecks Machias
Fatal Accident: Hit Fire Hydrant
New ! Truck Accident Causes Serious Injuries (Pembroke)
Volvo Station Wagon Accident (Trescott)
Fog Rain=Rollover (Robbinston)

Send us your ME Accident photos and we will add them here.

Maryland Accidents
12 MD Car Crashes
Maryland Car Accident Stories and Pics

Ball Joint: Detached Tire Accident (Baltimore)
Galant cut Off By Mazada (I-495)
Sleeping Driver Rear Ends Lincoln Navigator
Truck Meets Hyundai (Waldorf)
Neon After Going Out to the Clubs (Glen Burnie)
MiniVan Accident (Germantown)
Black Ice Smash
Honda Rear Ended (Rte 295)
Hits Out of Control Ford (Hampstead)
Honda vs. Colt: Cut Off Accident (Westminster)
Rearended Dodge Durango (Odenton)
4 Car Pileup (Glen Burnie)
New ! 3 Week Old Hyundai Accent Accident (Laurel)

Maryland Car Accident Story? Submit it and we will Post it!

Massachusetts Accidents
Massachusetts Rollover Accidents
24 Massachusetts Car Accidents

Massachusetts Auto Accidents

Find Massachusetts Attorneys>>

Eclipse Impaled by Guard Rail- Fatal Crash (Framingham)
Ford Focus Hit by Toyota on Mass Pike (Boston)
Stalled Mercury Cougar Hit By Ambulance (I-93 North of Boston)
Changing CD Player Car Crash (Middleboro)
Hit by Driver on Cell Phone (Boston)
Hummer H2 Stuck in Snow (Boston)
Truck Meets Tree: Skid in Snow
Mustang Snow Crash
Deer Collision (Plainville)
Jeep Rollover Accident (Boston)
Car Fire Rescue (Stockbridge)
Oldsmobile Accident (Worcester)
Pulling out of Burger King (Springfield)
Hit By Speeding Police Car (Hanover)
Fell Asleep at Wheel (Framingham)
GMC Rollover Rollover Accident on Ice (Springfield)
SUV Rollover Accident (Massachusetts Turn Pike)
Civic EX 2000 Racing Lexus ES 300 Hits Grand Am (Boston)
VW Accident
Mustang Rear Ended at 130mph (Westport)
Volvo Cut Off by Sundance (Norton)
Thrill Hill "Airborn" Incident (E. Bridgewater)
Honda Accord Accident (Waltham)
Red Honda Prelude: Broken Tibia (Quincy)

Massachusetts Car Accident? Send us your story!

15 Michigan Car Wrecks
Michigan Car Accidents

T Boned at 45Mph: Focus vs. SUV (Utica)
Swerved Down Embankment (Evart)
Chevrolet Suburban hit by Semi (Midland)
Serious Injury Accident (Martin)
Failure to Yield Accident (Muskegon)
Drunk Driving Accident
Deer Hit (Highway 69)
Firebird Head OnWreck (Canton)
Head On Accident (Canton)
Head-on Accident (Saginaw)
Hit by Drunk Driver (Grand Rapids)
Pontiac Bonneville Hit
16 Year Old Killed in Mustang (Clinton Twp)
Oldsmobile Collision With Police Car (Paw Paw)
Chevy S-10 Accident (Clarkston)

Send us your Michigan Auto Accident photos and we will add them here.

5 Minnesota Accidents
Minnesota Accidents

New! Helicopter Life Flight
Deer vs. Durango
Snow Storm Accident (Duluth)
Mecury Sable Accident
Honda Civic Rearended by Van (Minneapolis)

Minnesota Car Accident? Send it to us!

2 Mississippi Car Crashes

Mississippi Car Accidents
Nissan Xterra Accident (Southaven)
Bug Broadsided by Van (Ripley)

Send us your Mississippi Accident photos and we will post. We only have 2!

7 Missouri Car Crashes
Missouri Crashes

Rear Ended at 60mph (New Madrid)
Ford Mustang 5.0 Cobra Hybrid Accident (St. Louis)
Fatal Accident: Tractor and Honda(Warrenton)
Nissan Hits Deer (Salem)
Jeep Cherokee Flips (Pacific)
1976 Mustang Totalled (Springfield)
88 Accident (St. Louis)

Submit your Missouri Accident photos! We will add them above.

Montana Accidents
1 Montana Accident
Montana Accidents

Ford Ranger Flip (Missoula)

Add your own Montana Accident here.

3 Nebraska Pics and Stories

Broadsided (Cozad)
Fish Tailed (Elkhorn)
Head On Crash (Amhurst)

Send us your Nebraska Accidents.

Nevada Accidents
2 Nevada Car Accidents

Ford Expedition Accident: Rear Ended (Las Vegas)
New! New Lancer Taken Out By Ford Van (Las Vegas)

Send us your Nevada Accident photos and we will add them here.

6 NH Auto Accidents
New Hampshire

Find NH Attorneys

Fatal Car Accident (Durham)
Hit by BMW Driver (Dover)
Ford Probe Runs Stop Sign
Black Ice, Truck Flips (Lincoln)
Le Baron Accident
New ! Moose Hit (Lincoln)

Send us your NH Accident pics.

9 NJ Car Crashes
New Jersey Accidents

Scion Versus Dodge Dakota (Atco)
S-10 Meets Semi and Jeep (Rt. 287)
Rollover due to Aggressive Driver (Marlboro)
BMW Cut off by MiniVan
Ford Escape Accident (Hillsborough)
SUV Rollover
Honda Meets Pole Accident (Carteret)
Buick hit in Drunk Driving Accident
02' Chevy Cavalier Vs. 95' Suburu Impreza

Send us your NJ Accident photos and stories.

NM Accident
2 New Mexico Car Accidents
New Mexico Accidents

1988 Chevy S10 hit by a 1994 Ford Escort Wagon Head on
Driver Falls Asleep Flips (Socorro)

Send us your NM Accident photos and we will add them here.

NY Car Accidents
New York Accidents
16 NY Car Crashes
New York Car Accidents

Find NY Attorneys >>

Infiniti Meets Tree (Bay Shore)
96 BMW M3 vs NY Deer (Albany)
Fall Asleep Flip Over (Utica)
Audi A-6 Flips 5 Times (I-684)
Birthday Accident (Evans Mills)
Rescue Operation: Car Wrapped Around Tree (Wappinger Falls)
Big Car Crash (Lysander)
Mazada Miata Accident (Poughkeepsie)
Jeep Cherokee Accident, Tire Failure (Rochester)
New York Truck Accident (Harpursville)
Ejected out Roof (Lockport)
S-10 Blazer T-boned by drunk driver (Rochester)
Problems on The Parkway (Westchester County)
Hyundai Accent Taken Out (Brooklyn)
Fatal Van Crash (Oswego)
Honda Driver Falls Asleep

Send us your NY Accident photos and we will add them here.

North Caolina Accident
9 NC Car Crashes
North Carolina Car Accidents

Stratus vs Lincoln (Asheville)
Head-On Collision (Gastonia)
Cut Off Rollover Accident
Compact Mazda versus Lexus SUV (Cary)
Ferrari 348 Meets Dump Truck (Charlotte)
Roll Over and Tree Hit (Charlotte)
Volkswagon Beetle hit by Nissan
Semi Truck Accident (Kinston)
Volvo 240 DL Tire Blow Out (Advance)

Send us your NC Accident pics and story.

North Dakota Accident
1 ND Car Accident
North Dakota Crashes

Tempo hit by Semi
North Dakota
Jeep for a Spin - Fargo ND 
Send us your North Dakota Accident photo and story and we will add it here.

Ohio Car Accident
13 Ohio Auto Accidents
Ohio Accidents

Find Ohio Attorneys >>

New! Hit By Car Running Red Light (Fremont)
Rear Ended (Cleveland)
Toyota Camry Rear Ender (Willoughby)
Hit by Truck (Beechmont)
Rear Ended by Dump Truck (Delaware)
Hydroplane Accident (Frazeysburg)
Head-On Accident (Oxford)
Head on: Coma (Dayton)
Chevy Blazer Meets Truck
Truck Hits Two Deer (Mentor)
Hit 3 Trees Flips Jeep Cherokee (Wapakoneta)
Truck Wreck on Dangerous Curve (Miami City)
Drunk Driver in Camaro Hits tree

Send us your Ohio Car Accident photo and story!

2 OK Car Accidents
Oklahoma Accidents

Chevy Truck Loses Control
Metro Hits Black Angus Cow (Locust Grove)

Send us your OK Accident photos and we will add them here.

4 Oregon Car Crashes
Oregon Accidents

Honda Civic Wreck (Beaverton)
BMW Hit By Truck Running Red Light (Beaverton)
Tractor Trailer Head on Accident (St. Helens)
Deer, Cell Phone Accidents (Lebanon)

Send us your Oregon Accident photos and we will add them here.

PA Car Accidents
18 PA Car Accidents
Pennsylvania Car Accidents

Side Swiped Dump Truck: Ejected (Lehighton)
Drunk Driver into House(Williamsport)
Slammed into Concrete Barrier (Delaware County)
Audi A4 in Deer Territory (Coatsville)
Saab 93 Hits Deer (Coatesville)
Rear Ended on Penn Turnpike (Monroeville)
30 Foot Drop (Lancaster)
14 Vehicle Accident (Penn Turnpike)
Truck Hits Horse (Lancaster)
Caravelle vs. Deer (Montgomery)
Cell Phone Causes Chevy Accident (Landisburg)
Geo Storm Struck- Harrowing Tale (Gettysburg)
Cadillac Eldorado Fire (Montgomery)
Truck Accident: Semi Hits Buick Double Fatality
Truck Crash: Car Explodes (Butler County)
Run over by Cement Truck
Mazda MX-6 GT Turbo T-Boned (Latrobe)
Ford F150, Skids and Flips three Times (Philadelphia)

Send us your PA Accident photos and we will add them here.

RI Accident
1 RI Accident
Rhode Island Accidents

Highway Accident

Send us your RI Accident!

SC Car Wrecks (3)
SC Ford Explorer Rollover
South Carolina

Ford Explorer Rollover Accident
Ford Explorer Tree Crash Accident
Fatal Chrysler 300 Crash (Saluda)

Send us your SC Accident photos and we will add them here.

SD Accident
2 SD accident
South Dakota Car Crash Pics

Lincoln LS Head-on (Rapid City)
Hyundai Sonata Semi Crash ( Mud Butte)

Send us your SD Accident photos and we will it!

TN Accidents
13 TN Car Wrecks
Tennessee Auto Accidents

Cliff Rollover Accident (Johnson City)
Porsche 911 Hits Tree (Kingsport)
Rx-8 Rollover Accident (Hampton)
Mustang Rollover (Kingsport)
GMC Truck Hits Dog (Elizabethton)
Big Smash (Tracy City)
Corolla Chevy Blazer Accident (Nashville)
04 Mitsubishi Lancer Hits Excursion
BMW Accident (Pigeon Forge)
Music/Changing CD Accident (Johnson City)
High Speed Chase (Erwin)
Nissan Fairlady: Costly Mistake
Hit Head-On By Camaro (Dandridge)
Truck Hits Fisherman and State Trooper

Send us your TN Accident photos and we will add them here.

Tx Accident
15 Texas Accidents
Texas Automobile Accident Gallery

Find Texas Attorneys

Honda Hits Metro Bus (Houston)
Camaro Racing (Dallas)
Rear Ended: Flipping Dodge Truck
Truck Meets Truck Head -On (Smith County)
Ford F-150 Swerves to Avoid Coyote (Port Bolivar)
SUV Rollover (Eagle Pass)
Fatal Corolla Accident (Caplen)
Big Truck Hits Immovable Pole on Beach (Crystal Beach)
Pizza Delivery Gone Awry (Murphy)
Van Runs Red Light (Hurst)
Hit by Dodge Ram 23 Broken Bones (Cedar Park)
Fatal Crash on US 69 Thrown from truck (Dallas)
Ford Crown Victoria Rear-Ends Flatbed (College Park)
Formula Firebird Totalled after One Week (Dallas)
Hit By Katrina Refugee (Houston)

Send us your Texas Accident photos and stories!


Utah Accidents
4 Utah Car Crashes
Utah Auto Accident Pics

Truck Donuts (Logan)
Truck Rollover Accident (Oak City)
Honda Races Truck (Kaysville)
Subaru Justy Hit by driver running a red light

Send us your Utah Accident photos and we will add them here.

2 VT Auto Accidents

New! Volvo Hits Deer (Northfield)

Blazer Hits Fence at 45mph

Send us your VT Accident pics and story.

5 VA Car Wrecks
Virginia Accident Gallery

Big Truck Accident (I-81)
Honda Civic Wreck (Fairfax)
1997 Pontiac Sunfire (Dulles Toll Road)
Tree Meets Car
Volkswagon hit by Driver ticketed

Send us your VA Accident photos and we will add them here.

Dc Accident
1 Washington DC Car Pic and story
Washington, District of Columbia

Sebring Accident DC

Send us your DC Accident photos and we will add them here.

4 Washington Car Crashes
Washington State

Highway Pileup: Rubbernecking (Seattle)
Ran Stop Sign: Crash (Kirkland)
Honda Rollover (Prosser)
Rear Ended

Send us your Washington Auto Crash pics!

WV Accidents
5 WV Wreck stories
West Virginia Accident Pictures

Ice Accident (Fairmont)
Killed by Drunk Driver
Drunk Driving Accident
Jeep Rollover Accident (Bowden)
Head on Collision: Mini Van (Martinsburg)

Send us your WV Accident pictures.

15 Wisconsin Car Accident Pictures
Wisconsin Accident Pics and Stories

Chevy Prizm Rear Ends Mini Van (Ashwaubenon)
Drunk Driving Crash (Green Bay)
Rollover Accident (Madison)
Ejected from Car (Manchester)
Intersection Smash (Milwaukee)
Hit By Turkey
Blizzard Causes Accident (Fort Atkinson)
Snow Skid = Broken Pelvis
Truck Accident (Mishicot)
Eagle Talon Rollover (Lake Mills)
Racing Accident: Subaru 04 W.R.X. Impreza (Longbranch)
Camero Meets End (Racine)
Drunk Driver Hits House (Green Bay)
Hyundai Accident (Milwaukee)
Fatal Accident Bonneville
Neon Cut Off, Hit Tree (Bellevue)

Send us your Wisconsin Accident photos and we will add them here.

3 Wyoming Car Crashes
Wyoming Auto Accidents

Truck Crash (Douglas)
Fatal Truck Rollover (Rock Springs)
New ! Rear Ended (Sheridan)

Send us your Wyoming Accident info and pics. We will add them!

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