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Josey's Car Accident
Me after I got out of the Hospital

Mecury Sable

 Car Pole
Car that night around the pole

Josey From Minnesota tells her story. The spring of 1998 I was in a car accident where I was going too fast on a gravel road and ended up wrapping my car around a telephone pole. They say that I slid sideways down the road for a bit before flipping it twice and hitting the telephone pole dead center. The pole was right underneath my back when the car finally stopped and my steering wheel was jammed up against my bottom of my seat. I don't remember any of it, but they say that I was lucky that I drive with my seat reclined a little. The steering wheel ended up missing both of my legs and my seat back broke backwards so I avoided crushing my head on the ceiling which got stretched down. The drivers side was facing up towards the sky at this point and I guess that I wriggled out of my seat and pushed off of the ceiling to drop out of the back passenger window to the ground. I managed to flag down a vehicle that was passing by that happened to contain four teenagers that I actually knew and am forever indebted to-Steph B., Todd B., Dan B., and Greg H.

To make a long story somewhat shorter, they got ahold of 911 and got an ambulance out there. I was brought to Granite Falls Hospital, moved to Rice Memorial in Willmar, and then eventually it was decided to airlift me to Hennepin County Medical Center in the cities. (BTW-This was all on a Thursday night on my way home from watching the Jr. High Band/Choir concert).

They found out that I had six broken ribs, five broken vertebrae, a badly sprained ankle, a REALLY cut up tongue, needed stitches in my elbow, chest tubes in each lung, and various other things. Luckily, it ended up being that after I was stabalized nothing was life-threatening and I was only (ONLY!) in the hospital for 9-10 days. A very LONG week and a half.

Something that I've learned from this: Don't speed-especially on gravel, and always wear your seatbelt-it IS worth it.

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