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Volkswagen Bug Type 1 Accident
Chicago, Illinois

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Beetle Crash Accident

Hi everyone! My name is Jay and im an 18 that loves German autos. Well heres my story .. On September 24, 2003 I was heading home from a soccer game with my now "ex-girlfriend" and I was trying my very hot 03' Volkswagen New Beetle TURBO SPORT edition which I, to this day will love forever.

Well I was going to turn left into her subdivision when the next thing I knew there was a 99' Nissan Pathfinder slamming into my door going about 45mph!! Well THANX to VW's reputation for safety: strong safety cells, 6plus airbags in every model, advance restraints and so on -- We were able to walk away with NO injuries! NOT EVEN a sore! As you can see from the photos the only airbag that deployed was the life saving head/thorax/chest/hip seat - mounted side airbag that I was thrown into and cushioned the intruding Pathfinder.

The police later ticketed the woman for failure to yield and speeding. (She was going 45mph in a 30pmh zone) and said that if I was driving the "usual" teen choices of autos, Chevy Caviler/Honda Civic/Toyota Corolla I would've been seriously injured if not dead because of the speed and height of the SUV hitting my side. She sustained burns from her frontal airbags and a broken wrist.

Thanx to Volkswagen's AMAZING cars (The NEW Beetle being the prime example) My g/f and I walked away unharmed and it has now brought us back together closer than ever!!!

Remember wear your seatbelts and drive something other than a chevy etc... try GERMAN cars! And yes I know a have a 04' Red Beetle sitting in my driveway!

Submitted: 19 January 2004

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