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Civic EX 2000 Racing Lexus ES 300 Hits Grand Am
September, 2, 2001
Boston, Massachusetts

Honda Race

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Race crash Honda

It happened when me and 5 of my friends were coming home after dinner.

We had yummy sushi .
I was racing with my friend who drives a Lexus ES 300 on Mass ave. in my Civic EX 2000

I thought I was going 30mph but my friend that were sitting next to me said I was at lest going 55mph. After I went ahead of the Lexus I came across a Very Very tiny red light, which I missed.

As I was flying across the intersection, I heard my friend next to me yelled "Oh @#%&! Red light!".

A red Grand AM was coming out at the right and we collided. The last thing I saw was the stupid air bag coming at me. <Man that hurt..> We were very lucky that night cause no one got hurt. All 4 of us me and 2 of my friends in my car and the driver of the car that hit me. were all safe.

As you can see my cars been totaled. Oh well, I never liked the Civic anyway hehe.. I still wonder where did my front bumper go. Even right after the collision I looked at the car the bumper wasn't there. Um.. there goes my fount plate. I wonder where it flied off to. Too bad I didn't get any pictures of the Grand AM. His car looks 2 times worse than my car.

Chi, Age 19

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