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Dodge Shadow Crushed by Semi Truck Drunk Driver
La Porte, Indiana.

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Dodge Shadow Wreck


Well, what happened here was that my family and i were moving from Michigan To Oklahoma We were about 75 miles from the point we left and there was only me and my Girlfriend (In the Shadow) And my best friend was driving a pickup truck pulling a trailer with all our stuff on it, it was about 9:30-9:45 or so in the morning when apparently the only other vehicle within a mile of us was a semi.

All of a sudden my car jerked violently to the right and i started to spin out ending up approximitely 300 feet in a cornfield. What happened was the semi driver literally ran over the back of the shadow i was driving, swerved to the left, hit the concrete guard in the middle of the highway, over-corrected to the right, ran off the road, swerved back to the left and then took out the trailer my friend was pulling with the truck.

We later found out that the truck driver was Drunk, High on methamphetamines, talking on a cell phone and doing approx. 100 to 110 MPH,(In A Semi!!) and we were the only vehicles in a three mile stretch, I am happy to report no injuries and we just won the lawsuit........ June 24, 2001 Accident happened in La Porte, Indiana.

Thanks for listening to my story

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