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There are about 17,000 alcohol related car accident deaths in the United States each year, this means that there is a drunk driving death every 31 minutes. Alcohol was a factor in 39 percent of all fatal accidents and in 7 percent of all crashes in 2004.
Additionally about 248,000 people are injured in accidents where police reported that alcohol was present, thus one person is injured in a drunk driving accident in the US every 2 minutes. These incredible statistics reveal why drunk driving is a major public policy issue.
Below are many examples of drunk driving accidents. See Also DUI Pictures #2, and Gallery #3. All Pictures submitted by our viewers. Submit your own pictures and story here >>

Drunk Driving Death
Drunk Driving Accident: Fatal

Drunk driving crash
DUI Crash
Drunk Driving wreck pictures

Drunk Driving Crash
Drunk Driving Crash
Drunk bad crash 2

Drugs and Booze Crash
Budapest, Hungary
hungary crash 1
budpa 2
buffet 3

Too much Beer
Crash UK
beer 2 crash crash 3 crash 4 crash 5 crash 6 crash 7

Toyota Rav 4 Rollover: Drink Driver
rav 1

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Crashed into Wall: Massachusetts
alero crash

Drunk Driving Accident Gallery

Drunk Driving Crash
Shippensburg, PA
 DUI Crashed
Continental vs Drunk Driver
Crystal Lake, Illinois
Drunk driving crash
Drunk Driver
Rockford, IL
"I was Arrested for Drunk Driving..."
Tucson, Arizona
Alcohol Crash
Drunk Driving Blazer Rollover
Conway, SC

Drunk Driving Accident
"I was out driving drunk when for no reason"

Drunk Driver Rides in Woods

Lubec, Maine

New York Car Accident
S-10 T-boned by Drunk Driver

Rochester, New York

Rear Ended at High Speed by Drunk Driver

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Drunk Driving Crash Gallery #3
 New Jersey Accidents

Drunk Driver in Camaro Hits tree
Toyota MR2 Crash DUI

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Car Accident Causes
Florida Accident

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