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Head on Collision Car Accident

This accident occured on Hwy 30 that runs north and south near St. Helens, Or on 6/14/02. The driver of the '97 Honda Accord crossed the double yellow line into oncoming traffic into the far lane directly into the path of an oncoming semi with a trailer. The driver of the Accord was traveling about 65 mph and according to witness' and police reports he turned the wheel into oncoming traffic in an act of suicide.

The driver died on scene but the semi's driver walked away very shaken. I towed the car in for the insurance company and have never seen anything like the damage done in my 3 years of hauling totaled cars. The pictures included are the ones obtained from the Oregon State Patrol that were taken on scene and the color ones are the ones taken a week later by me.

Location: Hwy 30
St. Helens, Oregon
Date: June 14, 2002
Injuries: Accord driver d.o.a. Semi driver shaken


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