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Unmarked Curve
Miami City Ohio
This is the result of the county not marking a very dangerous curve.......

Tangi Submitted on November 6, 2000:
This happened in January of 2000 in Miami City Ohio was traveling down a straight road at 2:30 in the morning when I came upon an unmarked curve by the time I realized the curve was there it was too late to slow down for it and I hit the edge of the road which thru me into the ditch which sent me rolling I rolled my truck 3 times from one end to the other and once side to side just missing someones bedroom by about 2 feet.....I had a cracked hip, a crushed ankle and a broken clavicle was off work for 6 months and went thru a lot of physical therapy and have just had my 3rd surgery and one more to go.

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This is the result of the county not marking a very dangerous curve.......

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