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Volkswagen Beetle Accident

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Volkswagon Beetle Accident

Well this all happened ten minutes till 8am in the morning on the way to work listening to my favorite song on my cd player Headstrong from Trapt. When I was going over an intersection which I had a green light and I slowed down because some one in front of me was turning and then I looked both ways before I started going across. I saw nobody on my left or right side so I started to drive across since I had the green light and I was going about 30. Then I noticed half way across the intersection and noticed a car on my right side speeding like crazy and I noticed he was not stopping for the red light and he just kept going.

I did not know what to do because I have never been in accident before. So I just slammed on my breaks because it seemed like there was no way I could swerve to avoid but that did not work. Because all a sudden I noticed I hit him on his driver side rear. Then my front airbags came out in one point one second. Everything got so quiet my music was not on and I don't hear my car. Everything seemed like it was in slow motion.

After that I think I blanked out because just second later I noticed my car stopped. So then I reached for my seat belt to take it off and then I got out of my car and the first thing I looked at was my car because I loved my car it was my baby. I saw how bad the damage was I started screaming and shouting at the stupid guy that ran the red light and killed my baby. Well all that guy did is stand there did not say word to me for one thing he noticed I was very pissed off at him. Then afterwards I starting feeling the pain from the airbags that left burns on my neck, upper arms, chest, a busted left knee, and a busted lip and I also bit my lip too.

One of my co-workers informed my work of my accident and took my the ER. I had no broken bones they said but I am still having problems now like bruising from the seat belt on my left side shoulder and my left knee. I had three witnesses to my accident one was a co-worker driving in front of me who saw it all happen in her rear window and the second was another co-worker who was driving behind me for which she told me that I spun about 3 times around his car and then slowly went to the left of the road luckily no one was on that side of the road The third one was a sales man outside of a dealership where my car hit the curb at. Needless to say my car was totaled out for $9,500 worth of damages and the guy who hit me did get ticketed but I think he should get more then a ticket he was driving very crazy. Also his insurance never contacted me for a rental car or anything until a month letter with a letter after my insurance took care of it. Well I did get another beetle because I think they save lives more than anybody knows.

I have enclosed pics of my vehicle damaged and my replacement! Let me know if you enjoy my story or want more info!

Grace W Submiited: 22 January 2004

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