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                 This accident occurred in August 2001, I only recently found your website and decided I'd tell my story. I was called in to work for a supervisor's meeting, (besides being a cab driver, I was also a road supervisor).

I was travelling west on Maryland avenue,(Maryland is a two lane street divided by a yellow passing stripe) at the posted 25mph speed limit, I drifted to the outer edge of the lane in preparation for an aproximatetly 125 degree right turn into a parking lot, (I did NOT cross the stripe and DID use my turn signal,despite what the other driver told police), as I began my turn the Nissan 300zx was approximately 3 car lengths behind me.

The next thing I know, my truck was traveling sideways,nearly flipping over. When everything stopped the Nissan was underneath my truck, the female driver initially hit my rear wheel, then traveled forward under the truck, the sheet metal was slammed flat around the frame and against the floor of the truck bed, the cab welds were broken the back of the cab was pushed forward keeping the door from opening, the passenger window was shattered by the impact of the car.  The driver's window was shattered by my head impacting against it.
Despite my account and witness statements, I was cited for improper lane usage, though the ticket was dimissed, the other insurance company wouldn't let it go, after 13 months I settled to keep arbitration from dragging it out another year, despite a cocussion,whiplash, 2 broken teeth, and lumps, bumps and scrapes etc. 2 weeks lost work, and my totaled pickup truck, the case only netted me $5,000, and both sides made out like I was lucky to get that.

An interesting by the way, when the Nissan was loaded on the flatbed, a glass pipe and a medium sized chunk of rock cocaine just under the driver side of the car.  The case was complicated and delayed by the other driver's conviction/ incarceration for drug trafficing.

Anyway thanks for giving me the chance to share my experience, great site.

John R

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