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Mustang Deer Accident

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Mustang Deer Crash

Well, here's the story, I was helping my good friend Josh move into his new house, His new house didn't have a refridgerator so we swiped his landlady's fridge from his old place. After hauling it to his new place we had to return his brother's rachet straps, So we hopped into my 02 Mustang, (which by the way I had just gotten back from the body shop after having someone hit it in a parking lot) Well, it was about 1am and there was no one else on the road, so we were flying. Out of nowhere this huge buck runs out of the wood right in front of my car. I didn't even have time to hit the brakes, All we saw was hoofs and antlers flying though the air. I realy lucked out on this one, The deer's antler actualy dug into my fiberglass hood and catapolted it over the room of my car, had it not been for that, the deer would have been in our laps.

Well, we got out to check the damage, (busted the front bumper, left front quarter, cracked the hood, busted out the headlight and left fur everywhere. Now as for the deer, He was just barly alive, I started walking over to him, wanted to get a picture for insurence reasons, the flash scared him, he ran into the woods and fell over
dead. So me and Josh called up the Sherriff's department and had it kill tagged, We then took back to his place and butchered it.

My insurance company ended up droping me for too many claims after that, but at least we got some yummy deer steaks.

In case you were wondering, it was a 10 point buck and weighed about 300 lbs.



Submitted: December 19, 2003

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