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Crash is J. G. Ballard's controversial, graphic, violent crazy novel, Buy it here. The book's characters are obsessed with automobile accidents and are determined to narrate the horrors of the car crash as luridly as possible. In the words of the novel's protagonist, the wounds caused by automobile collisions are "the keys to a new sexuality born from a perverse technology."

Trauma following automobile accidents can persist for weeks, months, or longer. Symptoms include nervousness, sleep disorders, loss of appetite, and sexual dysfunction. In Crash Course, Diane Poole Heller and Laurence Heller take readers through a series of case histories and exercises to explain and treat the health problems and trauma brought on by car accidents.


Why pay an lawyer $5,000 of a $15,000 settlement when you can do it yourself ? Don't hire that lawyer to handle your personal injury claim from an accident. Do it yourself and save the lawyers fee. Lawyers will typically take 1/3 of your settlement ! Can you afford to throw $5000 away ?

Following in the tire tracks of the popular ANTIQUE CAR WRECKS and OLD CAR WRECKS, this volume chronicles wrecks of the1950s, 60s, and 70s automobiles. More than 400 post accident images are accompanied by detailed captions providing relevant model and technical information.


Eclectic mix of essays related, however tangentially, to the phenomenon of car crashes in Western culture. The essays range from autobiographical accounts to accident investigation reports, reports of serial killers, and scholarly treatments of the deaths of Princess Diana and Mary Jo Kopechne.

Opens with a description of Ryan Newman's spectacular 2003 crash at Daytona and goes on to describe other famous wrecks, including Dale Earnhardt's fatal crash in 2001.

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