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Subaru Justy Hit by driver running a red light

We then each spun 90 degrees and hit again in the rear of the cars.

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Subaru Crash

It was two days before Christmas in the year 2000. I was driving around town to check out any sales the stores might have started to clear out their Christmas stuff. I was driving a 1992 Subaru Justy. I was on a road that goes straight for awhile and then curves around. You have to watch when going around the corner because there is intersection with a traffic light there. I remember looking up to see the green light. As I went through the green light I slammed into another car in the intersection. We did not see each other at all and each of us was going the speed limit of 35 miles an hour. The two cars hit together at the corners (his front passenger side with my front drivers side).

We then each spun 90 degrees and hit again in the rear of the cars. I ended up on the side of the road facing 90 degrees from my origional position. He went over a crub and sidewalk and ended up in a small grassy area beside a church also 90 degrees from his origional direction. My glasses flew off and I had to use the emergency brake to stop as the brake petal wouldn' t stop my car. Both of us had seat belts on and ended up with bruises but no major injuries. Lucily for me a witness stopped and informed the police that he had gone throught he light on the red. He thought his light was green and even told the insurance company that he didn''t know if the light was red or not but that he had been given a citation for running the red light because a witness said he had. I felt lucky to not have been hurt but that was a good little car with only 53 thousand miles on it. I got a good settlement from the insurance company but there is no way I can replace the car for what I was given.

Submitted 8 Februray, 2001 by Gregg

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