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Truck Crashes into Two Deer at 65 mph
Mentor Ohio

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Truck Crashes into Two Deer at 65 mph Mentor Ohio

December 8.2003 I was on my way to work, on highway Route 90 east in Mentor Ohio, at 5:50am . I was in the passing lane when I was hit by what I thought was a semi truck. But new it was not cause I was in the passing lane. It was two deer, they ran right in to me, I was doing 65 miles I didn't react think god because I did not see them coming.

It was pitch Black out and no street lights. I was wearing my seat belt. it did its job. Air bags did not come out. A good thing because I was in the passing lane and I would have been in an accident if they would have. I came out with whiplash. And over $4000 worth of damage to my new car. One of the deer were decapitated. But I'm alive. I must say I wont take the highway at night to work anymore, I have a new route.

Mentor Ohio


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