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Buick hits Indestructable Mailbox

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Buick Hits Indestructible Mail Box

This just happend this morning, about 8am Dec 18, 2003. This is the story I was told, It was snowing, and the gentleman who hit the mailbox lost control, he started sliding, over corrected and slid sideways into my mailbox, Doing quite a bit of damage to his car.

Luckily he was not injured, The only damage to my mailbox was that it got pushed over, his car was not as lucky though. The drivers side door was heavily damaged.

But no one was hurt.

Here's a little history behind my mailbox, we used to get our box bashed by kids on a weekly basis, so I made this one to be unbashable, Its 1'x1'x2' and made from 1/4" thick steel plate, It sits on pole thats 6" in diameter, made from 1/4" thick steel, its buried in 4 feet of cement and another 2' of dirt.

Darren Submiited: December 18, 2003

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