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Young Driver Crashed into 2,000 lb. Horse
Altoona, Alabama

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I hit the third horse that was in front of my truck. It was a 28 yr old tennessee walker that weighed a little over a ton.

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Young Driver Crashed into 2,000 lb. Horse

I was 17 at the time of this accident which happened on April 19, 2000. I was on my way home from work around eleven p.m. When I decided to pass a little slow moving vehicle (which later turned out to be a young mom with an unrestrained little girl in the car, around 4 yrs. old).Thank God I passed that car, because if they had hit the horse it would have killed them. There was definately someone watching out for me. A few miles later while traveling around 65 miles an hour, something caught my eye to the left of my 9 day old (used but only 9 days old to me) Explorer.

When I looked over I was very surprised to see 2 horses reared up towards my truck. A second later, I hit the third horse that was in front of my truck. It was a 28 yr old tennessee walker that weighed a little over a ton.

On impact my truck when on two wheels down into a steep ditch. I felt myself beginning to flip, when I turned my wheels (d! on't know if that helped or what) but I came back down then went back up the ditch and finally stopped in the same lane facing the opposite direction. Amazingly, the only injury I had was a very small and unnoticable cut on my left index finger on the knuckle, and very nauseous (it was a disgusting mess) .

I was very confused and all I could think was how was I going to fix my car before my parents saw it! I didn't realize that it was more than a broken windshield untill the wrecker came because it was so dark outside. When I got out I couldn't even tell by looking at the horse what I had hit. Needless, to say, poor horse, there wasn't much left of him... To find out the people who were being paid to keep the horses were keeping them in their front yard with out a complete fence on a highway...

Ericka from Alabama


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