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Ejected Out Roof: Pontiac Grand Am
Lockport, New York

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Pontiac Grand Am Crash

It happened this past Winter in the city of Lockport in Buffalo New York, to set the situation, it was cold, it was slippery, and it was snowing.

I had just bought my 2003 Grand Am GT, I tricked it out with all of these performance parts, inside and out. This was my baby. It was about 11pm and I was heading off to work. Running a little late, I decided that I would push the car a little faster. I came over a hill I guess around 60 m.p.h., when I hit drift in the middle of the road. My car did 4-360-spins before launching off a 7 ft. ditch, the passenger side of my car hit the lip of the other side of the ditch, sending my car into a barrel roll and right into a tree.

I was ejected out of the sun roof and landed 70+ feet from the car. I ended up with serious road rash on my face, I shattered elbow, I shattered my femur in 6 places, and practically busted my ankle right off. I was in a wheel chair for 4 months, and have had 3 surgeries since. Lesson learned, sometimes even the speed limit is too fast....

Just a little side note, anyone interested in buying a Grand Am, I was curious as to how I survived this, so when I asked a dealership, they gave me the tour of all the safety features, I commend Pontiac with their safety features.

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