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Congested traffic Chevy S-10 meets Semi- and then 05 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Rt. 287 New Jersey

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S 10 Crash

April of 2005 Rt. 287 New Jersey Congested traffic Chevy S-10 meets Semi- and then 05 Jeep Grand Cherokee

This was my pick-up truck that I had given to my father as a beater (was not meant to be taken literally). On his way to trade this very truck into a dealership for a new mercury mountaineer. I digress, this s-10 was traveling at 65 in the third lane to the right on a four lane highway (287). A semi was traveling at approximately 40 mph in the second lane to the right, and failed to signal any lane change.

The traffic was congested, and my father had no alternative to to hit the brakes and as he did, he slammed into the back of the semi. The impact put the s-10 into a spin, where another victim had nowhere to go (05 jeep grand cherokee), and immediately broadsided my father at the same speed of 65. That jeep also spun and was struck by another vehicle, however the damage was far less than the s-10 my father was in.

As per injuries, my father had the worst. He was unconscious for the helicopter ride to the regional trauma center. He is a diabetic and was in shock with sugar level of 410. Injuries included a broken nose, three fractured ribs, dislocated shoulder, fractured orbital eye socket, two fractired fingers and one fractured knuckle. He also recived 25 stitched on his arm from a laceration after the second impact. He does not remember the second impact at all, just smoke and the first large impact. As for the others involved, no injuries were reported to the authorities aside from burns from airbags. the s-10 does not have airbags.

The semi did not stop from the accident and was later found on the side of the road checking damage to the trailer from the impact of my s-10. He was given multiple citations, including wreckless endangermet, and leaving the scene of an accident.
Moral of the story, always leave yourself an out- always be able to escape if the only other option is to crash. John M.

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