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Drunk in a Ford F-150 vs. Innocent in a Jeep Grand Cherokee
Wichita, Kansas

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The roads were slick from a steady freezing drizzle here in Wichita, Kansas on January 31, 2004. I had just gone to the grocery store, and was going to invite some friends over to dinner. Seeing how bad the roads were getting I decided to just go home as the elderly friends didn't need to be out that day. I had slowed down for a car in front of me making a right turn. I had was about two car lenghts past the drive when I saw the blue pick-up come accross into my lane of traffic. I remember hitting the breaks and I remember the impact. My Jeep deployed both of the air bags and with the help of the seat belt and shoulder harness I survived. Jeep didn't. We landed 30 feet into the south ditch on MacArthur road after the initial impact the pick-up spun around and hit me again in the side. He ended up facing my original direction, East.

The drunk in the pickup has still not responded to my insurance company now three weeks later. I fractured my sternum. Badly bruised my left knee and shin, and have whiplash. I missed one week of work, and the Doctor said it would be months before my chest felt good again..

The drunk, I hear he is back at the bar, everything as ususal.

Wichita, Kansas

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