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Failure to Yield while Merging

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Rear Ended Crash FL

This is an example of a 75 year old lady's carelessness in judgement to merge with the incoming traffic.

As usual people tend to rush on "a rush hour". Hurricane Frances is coming to Florida. People are driving like crazy maniacs on the street to get gasoline, food etc.

My husband was on this street Stateroad 84 - a heavy traffic street from 0730H to 1800H, driving at 25mph. This lady pulled out of the parking lot, did not stop to check the incoming traffic before merging our of the parking lot. She just drove through the traffic. My husband blew his horn to warn the driver of 1996 toyota camry. Instead of stepping on the accelerator to keep on going she slammed on her brake. She got rear ended and blame my husband for it. My husband called the police and paramedic as she did not even know what to do! I took several pictures of the place where it happened as the vehicles had to be remove to avoid traffic jam. The lady as it appeared should have not been driving, she uses a cane to help her walk.The police came to investigate the accident. The first debris was at 6 feet from the entrance to the parking lot. The policeman failed to interview the passenger and claimed my husband did not practice careful driving. That accident could have been avoided if the lady stopped and waited for her turn to enter a busy street. Also she did not have the presence of mind. After the incident, she park halfway down the road while waiting for the policeman to arrive, did not even park properly in the parking area. She forgot to close the rear door of her car where she sat earlier, when she drove off the rear door of her car swung opened and the police was hollering at her and even whistled to get her attention, but she did not stopped at all , just went zooming down the street!

The car insurance company checked all my photos and based on the evidence presented, both adjustors claimed that the lady was at fault for not being careful in merging with the traffic.And if my husband was driving the 45 speed limit, her car would have been totalled and she would probably be in the hospital by now!Which thank goodness, he was driving slower that the speed limit

I just wish that people who are too old to drive should not be on the road anymore. I've seen them driving like drunken sailors on the street. I think that the drivers' license department should really be strict in issuing a license and should subject people to practical driving test and not just written test. This also applies with cell phone user while driving!

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