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Guardrail Issue
Eclipse impaled by Guard Rail- Fatal Crash
Framingham, Massachusetts

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"My fiancee died in a car crash. He was impaled by a guardrail on the Mass. Turnpike" See below for pics and full story.

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Guardrail Accident


My fiancee died in a car crash. He was impaled by a guardrail on the Mass. Pike which I believe would not have happened without the negligence of the State of Massachusetts leaving a non-continuous guardrail on its highway in which we pay a toll for its use and maintainance. Below is the newspaper article that briefly describes the incident.

Here are also large pictures of the vehicle; please notice: especially in the 2nd one, the raw protruding rail, the intact headlights, the intact driver's side windows, the relative smoothness of the body panels and wheels that still look new.

Monika P.
November 8, 2001

Comments from viewers:

This crash has the subject of a policy debate in Massachusetts about the mainatenance of the Guardrails on the Massachusetts Turnpike. Apparently sections of the rail are removed so that road crews and state police can turn around on the highway (a toll road). A Massachusetts TV station did an investigative report on this crash and called us and we assume the victims fiancee. If anyone has more info I would be happy to post it here. - BK Editor

Greg R Posted 6/4/08: I just wanted to know what the facts were concerning the wreck ? By the looks of the pics he hit the guard rail with the back of the car thats kind of hard to do unless you have lost control of the car also with the performance stickers all over the car I was wondering if speed may have been a factor contributing to the wreck. I mean I don't condone leaving and exposed guard rail for someone to hit. They do have end caps for guard rails designed to absorb some of the impact.But if he was (god forbid) driving reckless than maybe he was just as much at fault.

Ed- I believe he may have been speeding. However, the guardrail acted top kill the driver rather than save him.


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Fatal crash claims Connecticut man

Thursday, November 8, 2001

FRAMINGHAM - A 22-year-old Connecticut man was impaled by a metal guard rail and later died last night after he lost control of his 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse while speeding down the Mass Pike, authorities said.

Robert Tomaszewski of Waterbury, Conn. was unconscious, but alive with multiple wounds on the right side of his body when Framingham paramedics arrived just after 11 p.m., fire officials said. There was no one else in the car.

Framingham fire paramedics brought Tomaszewski by ambulance to the park-and-ride lot at Rte. 9 and California Avenue, where he was flown by medical helicopter to UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester. He was pronounced dead less than an hour later, authorities said.

The end of the metal guard rail pierced the trunk of Tomaszewski's sporty red Eclipse, impaled the right side of the driver's body and shot out the windshield, police and fire officials said.

"He started skidding and the car turned around hitting one half of the guard rail to shish kebab the car," said Framingham Fire Lt. Brad Smith. "It skewered the car right through."

Tomaszewski was heading eastbound on the Massachusetts Turnpike when he lost control of his Eclipse near the Sheraton Framingham and Exit 12, State Police Lt. Paul Maloney said. The car skidded backward and crashed into the concrete median where the guard rail begins, Maloney said.

The high-speed lanes on both sides of the Pike were closed down while police and rescue workers cleared the scene. The State Police collision and analysis team is investigating the accident and will complete an official report.


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