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"Mom, I had a wreck."

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Mitsuibishi Eclipse  Red Accident

Hi...My son, Chris had this 1992 Mitsuibishi Eclipse for a total of 19 hours. It was his first car. I walked him out to his car as he was getting ready to leave. I hadn't seen the car yet so we talked about all the things he wanted to do to upgrade it. I handed him my cell phone and my last words to him were, "Please put your seatbelt on." I watched him pull out of our driveway and head out.

His oldest brother pulled in. I got a call 3 minutes later from Chris. He said, "Mom, I had a wreck." I jumped in my car, his brother in his car as he is a first responder and firefighter and we headed out to find him. Less than 2 miles from home and 5 minutes later we arrived. Chris's car dropped off the shoulder of the road as he went across a one lane bridge and he overcorrected. He skidded sideways up hill and across the road, hit a 9 inch tree head on, tore it out of the ground and then side impacted into another tree that kept him from flipping over. A family who lived across from the accident had seen the whole thing and ran to help him.

My son was fine, up walking and talking until he got to the hospital 23 minutes later. He went unconscious. After about an hour, he came around and started improving. He stayed overnight in the hospital. His injuries were multiple blunt body trauma, concussion, scraped knee, scraped elbow (it went through the vents) and jaw and chin trauma from where the rear view mirror came off and hit him in the face and several loose teeth. He is slowly recovering. The only thing in this car untouched was the seat he sat in and his driver's side door.

The officer told me that if his 11 yr old brother had been with him (he decided to stay home), he would most likely been killed and if my son had not had his seatbelt on, he would have been ejected and killed. He never wore a seatbelt before that day.

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