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Fatal Accident Rock Springs, Wyoming
September 8, 1998

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Wyoming Fatal Truck Crash

Police officers were dispatched to a one car accident on Friday night (9/4) at approximately 10:15 PM on the extension of Foothills Blvd., north of Stagecoach Drive. According to preliminary investigation, Stephen Couch, M/42 of Evanston, Wyoming was operating a 1989 Dodge one ton welding truck northbound on Foothills when it apparently drifted to the east side of that road. In an attempt to bring the vehicle back into the lane of travel, it is theorized, based on available skid evidence, that the operator over corrected causing the truck to spin out of control on the paved portion of the street for approximately 80 feet, traveling over onto the southbound lane and than exiting the highway into the adjacent desert.

Upon hitting the dirt, initial investigation reveals that the truck traveled some 200 feet further, rolling at least one and one half times. Upon the arrival of emergency responders it was determined that the driver (Couch) was deceased and at this time, the exact cause of death is unknown pending the full results of the autopsy that was performed on the victim Sunday (9/6). Alcohol involvement is suspected but confirmation is pending lab results.

Investigation into this matter and another related accident occurring perhaps 45 minutes earlier at Dewar Drive and I-80 is being pursued by the RSPD's accident reconstruction team. In the earlier event, a truck struck the "jersey barrier" heading northbound on Dewar under I-80, and the debris left at the scene included a myriad of tools with the markings "S Couch" on them. It appears as though the tools and other possessions were thrown from the vehicle upon impact with the barrier.

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