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2001 Ford F150, Skids and Flips three Times
Philadelphia, PA

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Ford Truck Wreck

I was renting a 2001 Ford F150 because my pontiac was in the shop getting fixed. The F150 was the only vehicle available to drive because all their other vehicles were rented out. On Christmas night, I was driving home from my grandmother's house.

Well, I have to admit, I was doing 55 in a 45 MPH zone. I guess I was not used to the truck. Anyways, I got too close to the side of the road, and the back wheels hit snow. The back end slid out sideways. The whole truck then went sliding sideways, towards a huge hill. I slammedo n the brakes, held on, closed my eyes and turned the wheele. All I remember is hitting the hill and my head slamming into the airbag.

I was wearing my seatbelt. I was knocked out by the force of the airbag, but a witness said the truck flipped 3 times. I woke up about 20 secins after impact and realized I was on the roof. I was just sitting there screaming for help. I realized that I had to get out when I looked down and saw my blood gushing from my head. I somehow got out. I was standing on the roof and the power windows actaully still worked. I was medivacked to haunaman hospital in Philadelphia, PA. Luckily I only cut my scalp open and not my whole skull. All of my family and friends still dont know how I got out of that truck but I did. At least I did it in the safest truck in head on collisions.


Submitted July 20,2001

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