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Springfield, Illinois

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Ice roads
This is the car at the point of impact.

1/17/2000, MLK day.. I was 18.
Springfield, Illinois
Very Icy roads.

I had just gotten paid on MLK's bday, and was heading home to get out of the nasty weather. There was some ice out, but at least later that day it wasn't as bad as before and I was getting a little overconfident.. never a good thing, let me tell you.

I was about 6 or 7 blocks from home when I lightly swerved to miss what looked like a patch of ice ahewad of me.. though what I didn't know was that I was _ON_ ice when I did that.. it had the nasty affect of sending my car sideways.

I remember sliding on the ice patch.. seeing the pole in the distance.. realizing the inevitability of impact.. slightly groaning, grabing the wheel.. leaning back.... .... _BOOM_ I remember the first piece, it was like getting socked in the chest, or falling on your face, that slight "bounce back" feeling where your head or body feels like it just was dropped and bounced on a bungee cord...

Then I came to (it seemed instantaneous.. but I'm really not sure./) and was in the right backseat, behind the really, really pushed in passenger side door.. my glasses were gone, I was wearing just one boot... and couldn't get a door open..

Luckily, I smacked into a cement post instead of a wooden one..... the kind that break and fall away after impact.. but still, it pushed the passenger side door RIGHT next to me, hell, it even was above my stick shift. Really glad this wasn't when I had my neighbor in the car on the way to HS.. she would've been dead.

I looked out moments later and saw some lady with her mouth wide open.. eventually I was able to kick open the rear left door.. stumbled around in the ice and snow for a bit.. and basically was going crazy, realizing I had wrecked my first car after only having it for something around 8 months, thinking my parents would go ballistic and be so angry with me.. the fact that I was bleeding nastily from my rigth arm (didn't realize that) and shoeless didn't occur until later.

Found my glasses in the rear, my other boot next to the accelerator.... my paycheck sitting on the floor and some other items.. then my parents arrived and were in hysterics. Eventually the cops and an abulance arrived. Ironically, 2 of the 3 police cars slid on ice, as well as my parents and the ambulance. Apparantly that section of road was terribly bad.

I got away with scratches and bruises, and a slight laceration on my forehead and right forearm. I was out of the hospital that day.

I still think about the accident every now and then.. when I rememvber it, I only remember the fear and then accepting of inevitability and the binding force and imediate thoughts of just SURVIVING all coupled with a touch a calm right near or around the impact.. then the impact itself and the G forces felt.

Crazy memories.. drive safely everyone.

Counting my blessings,

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