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Jeep Rollover Accident
Boston, Massachusetts

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Jeep Rolled

 As the editor of I was sitting watching the TV at around 6.30 pm on May 23, 2005. I heard a skid and low rumble on Storrow Drive ( a highway that runs parallel to the Charles River directly across from MIT) outside my window. I looked and saw a Jeep on its side in the median strip at the Kenmore Square exit (home of Fenway Park). The driver was traveling east bound and apparently was in the wrong lane (easy to do as the right lane is a poorly marked exit only). When the driver turned suddenly to get into her lane (probably wanted to continue on Storrow in the left lane) she learned some basic laws of physics and the risks of driving a Jeep originally designed for low speed off road use, as an everyday vehicle. Luckily she appeared OK, but shaken. The driving conditions did not help an already poor roadway design- misty rain. I ran down stairs and snapped these two shots just as the flatbed arrived.

-K. William. K. 5/23/05


On September 19, 2006 the driver sent me this:

Hi K. William K.,

How are you? My accident on May 23, 2005 on Storrow Drive has perplexed me for quite some time. So, I decided to gather information about accidents/oil spills etc...on Storrow Drive around that time and I stumbled upon your site (and your documentation of my accident).

I think its great that you are putting together this information. So, I wanted to give you all of the details of my accident so that you could get the full picture of what happened (I'm not sure, but the way the details read on your site, I think you may not have witnessed the entire accident?).

So here it is:
It was 6:30 p.m. on May 23, 2005 when I left my work at Boston University driving my Jeep Wrangler Sahara. I pulled onto Storrow drive, in the slow lane, to drive straight one exit down the road to go pick my husband up at his work. It was raining, had been raining all day, but still light out.

There was one silver sedan in front of me in the passing lane. There was a distance between us and I could tell that they didn't really know where they were going. So, I kept a good watch on them and was driving very cautiously (25 up to max speed of 35 mph). Near my exit (Fenway/Kenmore Square), the car pulled into my lane in front of me and decelerated (their brake lights didn't come on, so they must have just taken their foot off of the gas pedal). In turn, I pressed lightly on my brakes. Then, they applied their brakes and straddled the off-ramp lane and the slow lane of Storrow Drive.

It looked like they were unsure of where they were going and they ultimately chose the Fenway exit. So, I pressed on my brakes a little more. Upon doing so, my brakes locked and the Jeep's backside swung to the right. I tried to straighten the car out and the backside swung to the left. At that point, the Jeep connected with the off-ramp median and turned onto the driver's side (on a patch of grass in the median). The Jeep did not slide upon impact with the grass which is a good indication that I was not driving fast. Also, no windows broke. The airbags were not deployed. I did not hit a guardrail.

People came to help me crawl out of the backside of the Jeep. (Note: I never changed lanes).

Here's some other interesting information:

1.) I had enough driving distance between myself and the other vehicle.
2.) I wasn't going fast (speed limit on this road is 40 mph and the maximum
speed I drove was 35 mph).
3.) I just had new brakes installed on the Jeep at Kelly Jeep in Lynnfield,
MA. This may have caused the brakes to lock.
4.) I am sure that the pavement was slippery because of the rain, but I am
also very curious to know if there was another slippery substance on the
road that could have caused the accident.

Honestly, this accident perplexes me because I have driven my car for years in identical driving conditions and nothing like this has ever happened. It is additionally perplexing because I was pregnant at the time of the accident and was extra careful in general.

Anyway, if you are aware of any other accidents in this location or oil spills etc..., I would be grateful to learn of any information you have.

Thanks! K. R.

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