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Honda Civic Crash: Rearended by Van
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Honda Civic Rear End Collision

Hello! Very interesting website. :-) Here's what happened to me at a stoplight about 5 blocks from my home on Sept. 14, 2001 in Minneapolis, MN. I was at a complete stop about 5 cars back from a red light on a 4-lane road. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw a big white van coming up way too fast... then I heard a skidding sound... and then BANG!!! he smashed into the back of my car.

My seat broke and I went almost flat back. My car was pushed into the car ahead of me and I got thrown forward. A couple police cars and an ambulance were at the scene in a few minutes. My gas tank was leaking and a police officer told me to get out. I couldn't open the door so he had to pull while I pushed to open it. My poor little dog was with me on the passenger's seat since she used to love going for drives with me, and she was thrown to the dash and then the floor. Now she's nervous to get into a car. :-( The guy who hit me didn't even get a ticket or= anything. !!??

My car was towed away (it was later totalled). It was a 1988 Honda Civic with over 215,000 miles, and it ran perfectly. I had a scraped and bruised knee after breaking the dash with it, several huge bruises from the seatbelt and a sore neck and back afterward. Both forearms hurt for a week or so from gripping the steering wheel so hard before impact. Now

I've gone to physical therapy and a rehab place for a few months each for my stiff neck and back. I've had a headache, neckache and backache every day for almost 10 months now; I have several bulging discs in my neck and back, and it feels like a screwdriver is jammed in my neck and back a lot of the time; my knee sounds like it has gravel in it. Ahhh fun fun.

Oh, and the accident happened about 3 hours before my best friend's wedding, so I didn't make it to the ceremony :-( but I did get to the reception.

I got a "new" car, a 1992 Honda Accord and 2 weeks after getting it, my Mom was rear-ended in it at a stoplight! but only crunched the back bumper a little and didn't get hurt. So we've learned a lesson from all this... never stop for stoplights... they're too dangerous. ;-) just kidding!!




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