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Hit by Drunk Driver
Grand Rapids Michigan


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Back on September 3, 2001, I had gone up to my girlfriends work to take her home. It was 2 in the morning and she didn't want to drive. She wanted to ride with me and leave her car but i insisted that she drive it home. She ended up following me and saw the whole thing. I was traveling south on Broadmoore doing 45 when i went through a blinking yellow light.

A drunk 17 year old girl traveling east blew through the blinking read and plowed me.

The girl recieved stitches and I am still having problems with my back and neck. I wasnt wearing a seatbelt. The airbags saved my life. All airbags in both cars deployed except my two side airbags. I have to say i am very lucky to have walked away from this. My girlfriend would have been in the passenger seat and i know she wouldn't have had her seat belt on. I am truly glad everyone is ok. The girl is in A LOT of trouble right now. I got a new car out of it all. I really loved my Accord and would suggest that people go out and get one. I loved that car. I was very sad that i had to part with taht car. Ionly had it for 9 months and put 14000 miles on it. Both cars were totalled and the girls car caught on fire. I replaced the 2001 Accord with a 2000 Civic Si. Think when you Drink!!!

Sincerely Ben B.

Grand Rapids Michigan

Submitted 2 April 2002

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