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This page is for people to discuss car accident related issues. Over the years many people have sent us general observations and comments here is the place for them! We welcome all postings related to Car accidents including stats, safety or personal thoughts and experiences.
If you want to discuss post thoughts, news, info please feel free. Send your comments to email Thank you! If you want to send your: Story and Pictures go here.
Crash Accident News and Discussion
Topic: General Crash Insights Reply to the forum. I enjoy reading the posts from people regarding driving. I see too many people on the road who shouldn't be. They're careless and endanger other drivers when they don't follow basic rules of driving. Speeding, not signaling, passing in the slow lane, driving in the breakdown lanes, talking or texting on their phone, tailgating, frequently jumping from lane to lane just to pass cars, etc. and people who have a license who shouldn't because they just bad drivers period. Raymond 7/16/08

General Comments:
Hello. This is a general comment you can post anywhere. I really like the site, especially being a collision estimator. I do feel for the victims and hope that all the drunks and inattentive morons are brought to justice.

One thing I notice is the term "over-corrected" gets used rather loosely on here. What most people don't realize is that at the point of their "over-correcting" they are already past the point of regaining control of the vehicle. And most of the time they cross that point because they never let off the damn accelerator. They think they did, they think they hit the brakes, but in their panic just stayed on the gas.

Another thing I hate is so many people think they're such good drivers when in reality it's a miracle they make more than 2 blocks from home. I see so many idiots not paying attention to their actual driving that I am amazed their vehicle is still intact. Most of them only look at what's right in front of them. There is traffic all around you,front,side,rear, and not only is it necassary to pay attention to your driving, but to what other drivers are doing as well. You cannot take for granted what someone will or wont do. I always anticipate someone doing something that will cause an accident. And that's how I avoid them. Especially after 3 years in Texas now I've learned these are the worst drivers anywhere. I'm not saying by any means I'm a perfect driver and that I don't make mistakes, but I sure as hell am not busy on my cel phone, or doing other things that distract my attention from the road like I see so many people doing every day. And yet they somehow think they're not doing anything wrong. Think about what you're risking,if that phone call is so fucking important that you're willing to risk your life and the lives of those around you,let me just say it had better not be my life or the life of someone I care about that you put in danger.

Well thanks for letting me share my thoughts . Be safe. Buckle up. Don't drive drunk or if you're overtired. Pay attention to your driving as well other peoples. Don't take ANYTHING for granted.

MATT in Texas Posted 6/24/08

Cell Phone Crashes: Let me start by saying there are no car accidents they are in fact " CRASHES." If it's predictable it's preventable !

As Founder of the Stay Alive .... Just Drive !  traffic safety program it's sad to know that annually we kill nearly 43,000 people and injure millions more on our roads , yet we don't treat crashes as the public health threat / epidemic they are.

Distracted driving contributes to 8 out of 10 crashes or near collisions. These devices have become a recipe for disaster
Jay Anderson , Founder Posted 6/22/08

Injured Auto Crash?

Topic: Experience I don't have any pictures, but I have an excellent story. My mom was driving my dad and I home from Kmart on December 12th 2000. We had just got on freeway 99 when an idiot in a 1993 Dodge Stratus doing well over 80 hit our 1988 Chevrolet Astro. He hit us on the rear drivers side tire. We spun three times, hit the (Newly built) cement divider. Bounced backwards into oncoming traffic. My mom looked up and saw a big rig coming towards us. We were then hit again by another guy going 75. Thank God for that! He moved us out of the way just in time. We landed with our rear axel snapped on the cement divider. My dad jumped out and literally ripped the sliding door off it's track and got me out. My mom got out and carried mo over the divider. (I was seven) My dad walked over to see if the guy that hit us first was alright. (He flipped three times landing upside down on the divider.) The guy was FINE! HE HAD FALLEN ASLEEP!!!! >:( Any way the paramedics arrived within ten minuts. All that happened was a broken foot (my mom's) A concussion (mine) And a broken leg (the guy that hit us the seccond time.) Anyway, all three cars were totaled and I am still afraid of driving in cars. (But can't wait 4 my license!) The only thing I can say is: Don't drive drowsy and always be aware of you surroundings!
I got ten grand in the settlement (money for my first car) so I can't complain too much!
thank you for listening
J.r mann Selma CA Posted 17 July 2008

Hello! I have been watching your cool website for the past 2 1/2 years to see how stupid some people can be. The accident that keeps haunting me, happened 10 years ago. I lost four of my friends to a horrible accident.
Feb, 2nd 1998, on US-41 in the Upper Peninsula, four of my male friends whom were in high school at the time (Sophomores only) were going to a Gus Macker 3 on 3 Basketball Tourmament. One of them forgot to grab his birth certifite to get in the game. They went to turn around in a local motel which is closed turnin the winter months. They hit a patch of black ice and could not move. What they didn't realize is that an 18 wheeler was in their path, and it rolled right over their vechile that they were in.
Three out of the four surivived for maybe 15 minutes after EMS got there.. my father was one of 'em who arrived on the site. The one who surivived for the 15 minutes was one of the younger one. Two of 'em were only 16 and the other two were only 15 years old. Then he passed as they tried working on him. That night we lost four amazing friends to something that could of had a littlel more time turning around with that bad of conditions.
I still have nightmears of the accident. All because of that accident I did not want my license, I still don't.

Dana N. Posted 6/24/08
well i dont have any photos of the accident i was in, but i would like to share with people my experience.
for starters i was only 16 years old. i was in the passenger seat of a station wagon that my boyfriend was driving, the car belonged to his mother and of course he had his lisensce. well we were headed to wendy's, we ate that in the car and from there we were going to drop something off to were my boyfriends step-dad was at the time, well we never made it there. we might have been 5 minutes from where we needed to be when we were about to make a left turn, a white car come out of no where and smashed into my side of the car, front passenger. at first we did not know what happened, we didn't even know we were in an accident because it was soo sudden. all i could remember was hearing a loud "BASHH" sound and not being able to see out the windows. i panicked. all i could do was scream, and look at my boyfriend and think to myself i don't wanna die, and i dont want him to die, i love him, please protect us, grandma. i managed to get a small squeal of "are we falling off a cliff, james?"  out of me because that's what it felt like to me. moments later, after all the bashing and smashing sounds had stopped, the last thing i saw before fainting was a strong white light infront of me and my boyfriend reaching to unbuckle and pull me from the car. after awakening, i found myself crieing on the side of the road next to the mangled car, and police men rushing me to an ambulance where i could be checked for injurys. i notice my boyfriend was standing next to me, telling me that we're fine, we're safe and that his parents are on the way. in small relief i look up to see my bfs step-dad running towards me, i look back at him and fall into his arms, crieing and shaking from all of this that i still call "a nightmare." after being seen at the hospital, and released to go home... the worse part of this story happens. i continuously relive this experience in my dreams, and while me and my bf who is now my fiance; are going for road trips, all i can think about is, "what if we get into an accident?".... what if.
so basically i want to spread the world out... please be careful driving, because experiences like these can not only affect you in that point in time, but for your whole life.
thank you.
sincerely, amie. 21 years old, rutland, VT. Posted 6/22/08
Injured Auto Crash?

Topic: Questions about Accidents We have a 9 year old that is in a booster seat – he is 50 pounds.  We have repeatedly caught him with no seatbelt on.  He may put it on when we get started and then unbuckles it.  We have tried so many different things to discipline him for this, but he is still not getting it.  He had to write 120 sentences on Friday.  On Sunday, he unbuckled his seatbelt again.  We are not into beating our child, but we would have if we were.  He is a visual child.  I don’t want to cause some kind of emotional/mental problem or freak him out for the rest of his life, but I do want to SCARE him.  I didn’t see a way to search on accidents with children or no seatbelts.  Is there anyway you could pop me a list of accidents to check out.  Obviously I want to preview them before I use them as a wake up call for my son.  Please, I’m desperate!!!

Jean H. Posted 10/5/08

Re: Auto accidents involving stolen cars.
Would you happen to have any information/statistics on the number of stolen vehicles that are involved in auto accidents, and whether there is any correlation btwn auto theft and auto accidents? I'm looking for either national or Massachusetts specific information.

Thank you, Lara S. R. Posted 6/20/08
Seat Belts? To whom it may concern:
Recently I was heckling my girlfriend about not wearing her seatbelt. She pointed out to me that while 60% or more of fatalities in car crashes weren't wearing seatbelts, that doesn't really mean anything without evidence that some of those fatalities would have survived if they were wearing seatbelts. I hate to admit it, but that is a good point. Do you have any thoughts on this?
Thanks, Shawn Posted 6/19/08
Automatic vs Manual transmission in Car Accidents? Would you have any stats on automatic vs manual transmission with respect to car accident?
Thanks, Yvonne Posted 6/19/08
Injured Auto Crash?

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