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Mountain Accident: Distracted Driver
I was trying to find my favorite cd to put in and I was reaching for it keeping my eyes on the road. I felt it but couldn't reach it.
Colorado Near Mt. Evans

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Colorado Car Accident

I was involved in a car accident on Sept 15, 2002. I was driving in Colorado around Mt. Evans area.

It was in the middle of the day and beautiful out. I was on my way driving down the mountain. I didn't know the roads very well and there were no guard rails as you get up further into the mountains. I was trying to find my favorite cd to put in and I was reaching for it keeping my eyes on the road. I felt it but couldn't reach it. I looked down for a few seconds and when I looked up my car was halfway off the mountain. It was a long way down as it was a mountain of huge boulders and no trees to help stop me. My car rolled several times, front to back and I remember every second. I just felt like that was it..........thinking at 22 this is it and I will never see my son grow up.

My car finally stopped and I discovered I was still alive. I could hear a woman screaming something at me from the top of the mountain. I crawled out of what was left of my window and laid on the rocks until help came. It took a long time for the firemen to get to me. There were six of them and they had no question I would be paralyzed. I made it to the hospital hours later and come to find out I didn't break a thing. I had abrasions on my leg, hand and chest. I was burned from the air bag on my chest and face. They were amazed that I was still alive as well as able to walk. Every part of me was sore & bruised for quite some time but I'll take that over becoming paralyzed. The tow truck driver ended up speaking with my father and he said that he had never seen anyone come out of something like this. He told my father that I rolled down 250 feet. I'm one very lucky girl and here for a huge purpose. The lesson from this is ALWAYS keep your eyes on the road!!!!

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