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Texas Truck Crash
June 2004-September 2004 : Featured Accident:
Suicide Crashes into Truck
5 Pictures
Suicide by truck

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Editor's Note: Ford Explorer Rollover, Camper, Mercedes
and more.


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BMW Accident 
3 Photos

BMW Smash Accident
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Submitted/Added: 20 September 2004

 Rollover Accident
1 Photo

Ford Explorer Rollover Accident
Atlanta, Georgia
Submitted/Added: 10 September 2004

Jeep Rollover 
2 Photos

Jeep Rollover Accident
Bowden, West Virginia
Submitted/Added: 9 September 2004

3 Photos

Head On Accident: Plymouth Breeze
Canton, Michigan
Submitted/Added: 7 September 2004

4 Photos

Commodore Accident: Drunk Driver
Sydney, Australia: Northmead
Submitted/Added: 5 September 2004

3 Photos

Mercedes Behind The Truck Fatality
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Submitted/Added: 4 September 2004

2 Photos

SUV Accident: Failure to Yield
Highway 49, California
Submitted/Added: 3 September 2004

3 Photos

Saturn Accident
Torrance, California
Submitted/Added: 2 September 2004

1 Photo

Truck Accident
London, England
Submitted/Added: 1 September 2004

1 Photo

Fatal Crash: Caused by Drunk Driver
Czech Republic
Submitted/Added: 30 August 2004

3 Photos

MR2 Spyder Crash
Thousand Oaks, California
Submitted/Added: 27 August 2004

4 Photos

BMW Rear Ended by Mini Bus
Clanwilliam, South Africa
Submitted/Added: 14 August 2004

2 Photos

Truck Fatality
Huntertown, Indiana
Submitted/Added: 11 August 2004

2 Photos

Jeep Versus Honda: Rear Ended by Cell phone User
Marin County, California
Submitted/Added: 7 August 2004

3 Photos

Firebird Head OnWreck
Canton, Michigan
Submitted/Added: 6 August 2004

1 Photo

MiniVan Accident with Dump Truck
Germantown, Maryland
Submitted/Added: 4 August 2004

3 Photos

Highway Accident
Rhode Island
Submitted/Added: 3 August 2004

2 Photos

Truck Crash
Submitted/Added: 30 July 2004

2 Photos

Fatal Accident Caused by Speeder
United States
Submitted/Added: 29 July 2004

1 Photo

04 Mitsubishi Lancer Hits Excursion
Submitted/Added: 22 July 2004

2 Photos

Rear-ended, Culprit flees
Irvine, California
Submitted/Added: 21 July 2004

 German Accident
1 Photo

Volkswagon Golf Hit By Vauxhall Astra
Stuttgart, Germany
Submitted/Added: 14 July 2004

Connecticut Accidents 
1 Photo

Hit While Pulled Over
Enfield, Connecticut
Submitted/Added: 13 July 2004

Texas Accidents 
5 Photos

Big Truck Hits Immovable Pole on Beach
Crystal Beach, Texas
Submitted/Added: 8 July 2004

3 Photos

Fatal Corolla Accident
Drunk Driving 4th of July
Caplen, Texas
Submitted/Added: 6 July 2004

2 Photos

Shuttle Van Hit By Truck
Vic Australia
Submitted/Added: 4 July 2004

 Iranian Accident
2 Photos

Toyota Carina Rear Ended
Shiraz, Iran
Submitted/Added: 26 June 2004

Nashville Tn Accidents 
3 Photos

Corolla Chevy Blazer Accident
Nashville, Tennessee
Submitted/Added: 23 June 2004

5 Photos

Tractor Trailer Head on Accident
St. Helens, Oregon
Submitted/Added: 18 June 2004

3 Photos

Ford Escape Accident
Hillsborough, New Jersey
Submitted/Added: 16 June 2004

 Connecticut Car Accidents
3 Photos

Truck and Camper Rollover
Waterford, Connecticut
Submitted/Added: 15 June 2004

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