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Jeep Rollover Accident
Bowden, West Virginia

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Jeep Crash

Hey, My name is Cody and well, here is my story. It happened near Bowden, West Virginia. It was on March 7, 2003 and I had just gotten my drivers license a week before the wreck. I was 16. It was my moms Jeep Cherokee, they were about to buy me a Jeep Wrangler. But they were letting me drive my moms Jeep until I got a Jeep of my own. That night I went into Elkins to see my girlfriend and hang out with her, that night on the way home I thought I was skilled enough to drive an SUV at speeds of around 120. (on a 4 lane highway).

I was following her brother who drove her into Elkins, He and my girl friend turned up their road, and i turned down mine. The road to my house has a speed limit of 35, and i went down it flying at around 65. I went into a turn and hit black ice, which sent the back end sideways, then I went towards a tree so I jerked the wheel sharp and went across the road and hit a bank almost head on. The Jeep went up in the air, landed, rolled twice, and landed on its top and slid up the roadway probably 15 feet. It all happened so fast, and all I remember is losing control, and turning the wheel. Then it hit, and it hit hard! The next thing I knew I was on the ceiling with my knee in the windshield thinking "THIS DID NOT JUST HAPPEN"

I'll never forget the smell of the powder stuff that came out of the air bag, and the tires and glass breaking. I was not wearing my seatbelt, which was extreamly stupid, my back will never be the same. It hurts all the time, I luckily didn't have many bad cuts or gashes on me. I had one on my knee, and there was some blood on the airbag, I'm not sure where it came from though. But it hurt to move for about a month and I had bruised my kidneys really bad so you can imagine my reaction when I urinated... Well... Just wear seatbelts guys, I never get in a car now without wearing one


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