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Volvo Crash
February-May 2006 : Featured Accident:
Lamborghini Wrecked: 6 Pictures
Lamborghini Murcielago Accident
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Editor's Note:See Police Car Crashes, 18 Wheeler Collisions, hit by a train, Drunk driving wrecks and more.


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Mustang Accident
1 Photo

Mustang Accident
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Submitted/Added: 8 May 2006

4 Photos

Rear Ended at High Speed by Drunk Driver
Johannesburg, South Africa
Submitted/Added: 7 May 2006

2 Photos

Sleepy or tired? Don't drive...
Submitted/Added: 4 May 2006

5 Photos

Lamborghini Murcielago Accident
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Submitted/Added: 3 May 2006

3 Photos

Volvo 240 DL Tire Blow Out
Advance, North Carolina
Submitted/Added: 3 May 2006

1 Photo

Rear Ended
Sheridan, Wyoming
Submitted/Added: 2 May 2006

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Jeep Crash Iowa
1 Photo

Jeep Grand Cherokee Flip Over Accident
Story City, Iowa
Submitted/Added: 28 April 2006

2 Photos

No Sleep: Honda Accord Smash
Glasgow, Scotland
Submitted/Added: 26 April 2006

South Carolina Accident
3 Photos

Ford Explorer Accident
South Carolina
Submitted/Added: 24 April 2006

2 Photos

Street Racing Crash: Honda Accord
Submitted/Added: 22 April 2006

Maine Accident
1 Photo

Tractor-Trailer Head-on Crash: 4 Sisters Killed
Ashland, Maine
Submitted/Added: 18 April 2006

TN Accident
4 Photos

Truck Hits Fisherman and State Trooper
Submitted/Added: 14 April 2006

4 Photos

Ford Focus Hit by Toyota on Mass Pike
Boston, Massachusetts
Submitted/Added: 12 April 2006

South African Accidents
1 Photo

Hammered by 18 Wheeler Truck
Durban, South Africa
Submitted/Added: 10 April 2006

Accident- Budapest
1 Photo

Techno Party Ends in Buffet
Budapest, Hungary
Submitted/Added: 9 April 2006

2 Photos

Nissan Red Light Accident
Mexico City, Mexico
Submitted/Added: 6 April 2006

3 Photos

Drunk Driving Accident
Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
Submitted/Added: 6 April 2006

Volvo Accident
3 Photos

Volvo Hit By Train
Queensland, Australia
Submitted/Added: 5 April 2006

4 Photos

Car Torn in Half
Ndola, Zambia (Africa)
Submitted/Added: 5 April 2006

Xterra Accident
2 Photos

Nissan Xterra Accident
Southaven, Mississippi
Submitted/Added: 4 April 2006

2 Photos

Guard Rail Smash on Storrow Drive
Boston, Massachusetts
Submitted/Added: 4 April 2006

Toyota Auto Crash
3 Photos

Toyota Runs Red Light
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Submitted/Added: 3 April 2006

Fl Car Accident
2 Photos

Camaro Crash
Bronson, Florida
Submitted/Added: 3 April 2006

CA Accident
2 Photos

Honda Civic Hit
Sacramento, California
Submitted/Added: 3 April 2006

Maine Accident
3 Photos

Subaru Field Bombing
Lubec, Maine
Submitted/Added: 3 April 2006

CT Accident
2 Photos

Mitsubishi Montero Crash
Submitted/Added: 2 April 2006

1 Photos

Police Car Crash
Submitted/Added: 1 April 2006

1 Photo

Snow Storm Accident
Duluth, Minnesota
Submitted/Added: 26 March 2006

3 Photos

Chevy Prizm Rear Ends Mini Van
Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin
Submitted/Added: 19 March 2006

3 Photos

Galant cut Off By Mazada
I-495 Maryland
Submitted/Added: 17 March 2006

3 Photos

Stalled Mercury Cougar Hit By Ambulance
I-93 North of Boston, Massachusetts
Submitted/Added: 11 March 2006

3 Photos

Honda Civic Rearended by Van
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Submitted/Added: 6 March 2006

2 Photos

Race in Volvo 850 After Concert
Littleton, Colorado
Submitted/Added: 2 March 2006

1 Photo

Deer Dashes into Road: Pontiac Totalled
Baxter Springs, Kansas
Submitted/Added: 26 February 2006

2 Photos

Speeding Smash Up
Barcelona, Spain
Submitted/Added: 25 February 2006

3 Photos

Audi Rollover
Riga, Latvia
Submitted/Added: 23 February 2006

2 Photos

Hit By Katrina Refugee
Houston, Texas
Submitted/Added: 22 February 2006

3 Photos

Camaro Spins into Semi
Submitted/Added: 21 February 2006

2 Photos

Lexus LS 400 Crash
Louisville, KY
Submitted/Added: 20 February 2006

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