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Rear-ended Hit and Run Culprit flees
Irvine, California

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Chevy Wreck

On November 9th, 2003, I was going to go to the movies in Irvine, CA. I was on the 55 southbound transitions to the 405 southbound when I came up to a stalled out car in one of the 2 lanes. Of course it's my lane. I had my foot just a little on the break and had my turn signal on to get over. I waited for a few cars to pass and right as I let off the break completely I herd a car's breaks screeching and saw a slight flash of light from my side mirror.(when she switched lanes) Some jerk-off decided that the lane she was in wasn't moving fast enough so she jumps into my lane and accelerates. Not knowing I am stopped and about 50 feet from a stalled car.

So she plows right into my rear at 45 miles This woman was in some crappie 88' ford tempo or something close to it with a boxy shape and a piece of my car stuck in the grill. My passengers and I were fine with no injury at all. But the part that kills it.. She ran off after about a minute dripping all the fluid out of her car and smoking really bad. I ran down the freeway throwing what ever I could pick up aiming for the back window but she got away. I told every passerby with the window down to look for her but not one witness or suspect was ever found... But it's ok. She hit a poor, working 40+hours, full-time student who only had her car. I only had liability so it was my piece of crap now. The karma will come back!

If you want lower insurance, call in all hit and runs. The price will go down and so will the people who are cowards. The only reason I hate someone is because she is a coward.

Seatbelts Save!! Don't drink and Drive or someone will kill the ones you love in karma.

1997 Chevy Caviler LS
166000 miles and still going.
Hit @ 45 mph (72.4 kph)

Victoria W.



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