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Corolla Chevy Blazer Accident
Nashville, Tennessee

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Corolla Crash Picture

1991 TOYOTA COROLLA HITS BLAZER August 7th 2003 at around 7 pm I was on my way to a drug store about 2 miles from my house. I was stopped in the turning lane at Gallatin rd and Greenfeild ave. I was turning onto greenfeild to go to the drive through pharmacy. I wasnt paying attention as I should have been and the car in front of me went so I followed without paying attention that I still had a red light.

I pulled in front of a 1987 chevy blazer. All I remember is changing into 2nd gear and at the same time seeing the expression on the driver of the Blazers face as we hit. He was going about 40mph. The impact was hard and loud I remember the sound of my engine "bam bam poom poom" and then it died I tried to open my door but it was jammed so i kicked it I was out of the car almost as soon as the crash happened.

I was more worried about my car because Im 23 and poor and its really all I had. It had been the best car ever with 210,000 miles on it I swear by toyotas. My steering wheel was bent over from the impact. It totalled the guy's s-10 blazer also. I hit his driver side front wheel area. Luckily I only got a lil whiplash and I was sore as crap for about a week. The other guy wasnt hurt. I still miss my car. The lesson I learned from this crash is PAY ATTENTION and turn the stereo volume down. I was blasting heart of stone by Cher. hehe



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