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Canton, Michigan

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Firebird Accident Crash
Before Accident

Here are pictures of my head-on collision of 05/14/2004, in Canton, Michigan, in my 1988 Firebird Formula. I wasn't sure which you could use so I attached them all. I also attached before pictures.

This is the story: It was a Friday night, about 9:00 pm. I had met my husband for dinner in Canton, he was driving our other Firebird. We were getting on I-275 from Ford Road, he was right behind me. This is an entrance where it curves up onto the bridge over the road you just came off on. Well, I was part of a line of cars. Last time I looked at my speedometer, I was going about 30- I couldn't go any faster than the people in front of me, and in fact I was slowing down. Firebirds are not so good in bad weather. Once I crested the hill, the car started to violently fish-tail. I was correcting it maybe 2 or 3 times when it suddenly whipped to the left, my back end throwing me to face on-coming traffic in the middle lane. I looked up and saw a flash of white and than the hood flew up in the air. I closed my eyes and actually thought to myself, this is it. I waited to die.

When I opened my eyes a split second later, I was lifting my head up from the steering wheel (no airbags in those older cars), after the impact. I didn't realize until later that night that I had hit the steering wheel, when I felt my tooth chipped, and my chin was sore. I think my brain shut down trying to protect me or something. Needless to say, a car was right there and we had hit each other. We bounced off of each other and ended up parallel, with our back ends against the wall. I heard screaming and realized it was me, so I stopped. Luckily, no one else hit us. I had crossed right over the path of a semi. Also, luckily, I was sliding at the time so I was kind of moving backwards at about 5-10 mph, so even though the lady was going probably 55-60, no one was killed. She walked away as did I. Her passenger went to the hospital having breathing problems, the airbag impact on their car hurt him. I had several back strains, a neck strain, shoulder strain, and a nice bruise/burn down my chest and shoulder. It reminded me how grateful I am for seat belts! I also hurt my leg from the front of the car being pushed into it, there is still a bruise and it still hurts to the touch, 3 months later. I am also grateful that the front of the Firebird is so long, if I had a shorter car, I probably would have been seriously hurt or even killed. I wasn't issued a ticket. I still don't know how it happened, I wasn't going fast at all. My husband (who was right behind me, and pulled right over and called 911) said it looked like I hit a dry spot maybe as I was correcting the car, from probably hitting a big puddle of water collecting on the hill.


I miss my Formula- I babied it- it was even featured in a firebird book. I sold the wreck for $500. Now I have a 4X4.




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