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Ford F 150 Crash
January 2005-March 2005 : Featured Accident:
Tree Collisions: Extracted by Fire Dept
5 Pictures
Jaws of Life

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Editor's Note: Acura, Snow, Rain, Tree Collisions, Subaru, Hydroplane, Police


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3 Photos

Oldsmobile Accident: Icey Roads
Worcester, Massachusetts
Submitted/Added: 19 March 2005

3 Photos

Reverse Parking: Race Accident
Manchester, England
Submitted/Added: 17 March 2005

3 Photos

Pulling out of Parking Lot
Toyota Corolla Crash
Erin, Ontario, Canada
Submitted/Added: 16 March 2005

4 Photos

Flip Over Accident
Meadows, South Austraila
Submitted/Added: 14 March 2005

3 Photos

Pulling out of Burger King
Springfield, Massachusetts
Submitted/Added: 11 March 2005

2 Photos

Rear Ended: Ejected 45 Feet
Granite City, Illinois
Submitted/Added: 7 March 2005

2 Photos

Saab Accident
El Escorial, Madrid, Spain
Submitted/Added: 4 March 2005

3 Photos

Drunk Driving Accident: Nissan Maxima
Submitted/Added: 1 March 2005

3 Photos

Fish Tailed
Elkhorn, Nebraska
Submitted/Added: 27 February 2005

2 Photos

Cut Off Car Accident
Chevy Cavalier
Lubec, Maine
Submitted/Added: 21 February 2005

1 Photo

Rear Ended at RR Crossing: Hyundai Sonata
Anaheim, California
Submitted/Added: 20 February 2005

5 Photos

Rescue Operation: Car Wrapped Around Tree
Wappinger Falls, New York
Submitted/Added: 18 February 2005

3 Photos

Cut Off Rollover Accident
Chrysler Sebring Vs Suzuki Vitara
North Carolina
Submitted/Added: 17 February 2005

2 Photos

Drunk Driving Crash
Beijing, People's Republic of China
Submitted/Added: 12 February 2005

2 Photos

Rollover Accident
Madison Wisconsin
Submitted/Added: 10 February 2005

3 Photos

Ejected from Car
Manchester, Wisconsin
Submitted/Added: 7 February 2005

2 Photos

Hit by BMW Driver: Hyundai
Dover, New Hampshire
Submitted/Added: 6 February 2005

3 Photos

Blizzard Causes Accident
Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
Submitted/Added: 5 February 2005

2 Photos

Hit By Speeding Police Car
Hanover, Massachusetts
Submitted/Added: 3 February 2005

2 Photos

Hydroplaned into 18 Wheeler
Decatur, Alabama
Submitted/Added: 2 February 2005

 Tx Accident
4 Photos

Ford F-150 Swerves to Avoid Coyote
Port Bolivar, Texas
Submitted/Added: 25 January 2005

 China Accident
3 Photos

Swerved to Avoid Dog: Car Torn Apart
Hangzhou, China
Submitted/Added: 23 January 2005

1 Photo

Bug Broadsided by Van
Ripley, Mississippi
Submitted/Added: 20 January 2005

2 Photos

Rollover due to Aggressive Driver: Ford
Marlboro, New Jersey
Submitted/Added: 19 January 2005

6 Photos

Big Car Crash: Left Turn Case: Dodge
Lysander, New York
Submitted/Added: 18 January 2005

1 Photo

Killed by Drunk Driver
West Virginia
Submitted/Added: 16 January 2005

1 Photo

Suzuki Taken out by Snow Plow
Moss, Norway
Submitted/Added: 15 January 2005

1 Photo

BMW Cut off by MiniVan
New Jersey
Submitted/Added: 14 January 2005

 Massachusetts Car Accident
1 Photo

Fell Asleep at Wheel
Framingham, Massachusetts
Submitted/Added: 11 January 2005

1 Photo

Compact Mazda versus Lexus SUV
Cary, North Carolina
Submitted/Added: 10 January 2005

1 Photo

Honda Hits Metro Bus
Houston, Texas
Submitted/Added: 8 January 2005

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