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Truck Drunk Driving
March 2004 -May 2004 : Featured Accident:
Drunk Driving Death 3 Pics
Drunk Driving Death
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NY Accidents 
3 Photos

Ejected out Roof: Snow
Lockport, New York
Submitted/Added: 3 May 2004

Mountain Accident 
1 Photo

Mountain Accident: CD Player
Colorado Near Mt. Evans
Submitted/Added: 30 April 2004

 Alaska Car Accidents
1 Photo

Flipped 5 Times
Submitted/Added: 29 April 2004

 Maryland Accidents
2 Photos

Honda vs. Colt: Cut Off Accident
Westminster, Maryland
Submitted/Added: 27 April 2004

 Costa Rica
4 Photos

Honda Civic Crash
Costa Rica
Submitted/Added: 24 April 2004

 Louisiana Accidents
3 Photos

Truck Hit, Tire Problems
Covington, Louisiana
Submitted/Added: 23 April 2004

 Alabama Accident
3 Photos

Young Driver vs. 2,000 lb. Horse
Altoona, Alabama
Submitted/Added: 22 April 2004

 Wisconsin Accidents
4 Photos

Drunk Driver Hits House!
Green Bay ,Wisconsin
Submitted/Added: 21 April 2004

Tn Accident 
4 Photos

Nissan Fairlady: Costly Mistake
Submitted/Added: 17 April 2004

Maryland Accidents 
2 Photos

Out of Control Chevy Blazer
Jacksonville, Florida
Submitted/Added: 11 April 2004

Maryland Accident 
4 Photos

Hits Out of Control Ford
Hampstead, Maryland
Submitted/Added: 8 April 2004

Massachusetts Car Accident 
2 Photos

Deer Collision
Plainville, Massachusetts
Submitted/Added: 3 April 2004

2 Photos

Big Truck Fire
Melfi, Italy
Submitted/Added: 2 April 2004

Noth Carolina Accidents 
3 Photos

Roll Over and Tree Hit: Jaws of Life, Paralyzed
Charlotte, North Carolina
Submitted/Added: 1 April 2004

 BC Accident
1 Photo

Black Ice Accident
Merritt, British Columbia
Submitted/Added: 27 March 2004

 Ohio Car Accident
1 Photo

Head on: Coma
Dayton, Ohio
Submitted/Added: 26 March 2004

Car Wreck _LA 
2 Photos

Rear Ended Truck
Monroe, Louisiana
Submitted/Added: 25 March 2004

 Canada Car Wreck
2 Photos

Ice Invites Meeting with Guardrail
Tachereau, QC, Canada
Submitted/Added: 23 March 2004

CT Car Wreck 
1 Photo

Totals Volvo on Way to Work
Preston City, Connecticut
Submitted/Added: 22 March 2004

23 Killed 
4 Photos

23 People Killed in Bus Truck Accident
Aeaenekoski, Finland
Submitted/Added: 21 March 2004

 Michigan Accidents
2 Photos

Head-on Accident
Saginaw, Michigan
Submitted/Added: 18 March 2004

Utah Accidents 
5 Photos

Truck Rollover Accident
Oak City, Utah
Submitted/Added: 17 March 2004

 Ohio Car Accidents
1 Photo

Head-On Collison
Oxford, Ohio
Submitted/Added: 14 March 2004

 New York Truck Accident
3 Photos

New York Truck Accident: Drunk Driver
Harpursville, New York USA
Submitted/Added: 12 March 2004

Illinois Accidents 
3 Photos

Drunk Driving Accident: Nissan
Chicago, Illinois
Submitted/Added: 11 March 2004

Pennsylvania Accidents 
3 Photos

14 Vehicle Accident
Pennsylvania Turnpike
Submitted/Added: 10 March 2004

 Audi TT Accident
3 Photos

Audi TT Crash
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Submitted/Added: 9 March 2004

 Californai Car Accident
3 Photos

Jaws of Life Extraction
Pacific Heights, California
Submitted/Added: 8 March 2004

Denmark Accidents 
1 Photo

BMW Z3 Coupe Rollover
Copenhagen, Denmark
Submitted/Added: 7 March 2004

 Maryland Accidents
3 Photos

Honda Rear Ended
Rte 295, Maryland
Submitted: 6 March 2004

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