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Toyota MR2 Hit by Drunk Driver

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Toyota MR2 Crash Picture

Hey my name is Brandon and this is the story of how my first MR2 wasn't in my hands for more then 3 weeks.

I had just turned left onto Creedmor Rd. and there is this hotel on the right side of creedmor that has a road coming from the hotel and a stop sign where you can turn onto creedmor....well this drunk driver decides to completely blow through the stop sign and T-bones me on the passenger side.

After doing a 540 I landed 3 lanes from where I was facing oncoming traffic...and after a car narrowly missed me and there was no more traffic I checked to see if my passenger was ok checked myself and turned my car off. After all this I looked up and see the guy that hit me walking away....well a friend that was riding behind me told him to stay where he was he just proceeded to walk away so I got out of my car and ran up to him and tackled him.

He wrestled away from me and then ran off into the hotel saying he was in room 105....problem is....there is no room 105 in this hotel. Well it turns out my car is totalled and since he had no insurance, was drunk, was wanted for domestic abuse in a different county, my insurance pays me about 1K UNDER what I payed for the car. I wish i still had that car

Submitted by Brandon P on June 11,2001

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