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Truck Airborn In Trees!
Webster county outside of Marshfield Missouri

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Red Truck in Trees

On April 1st 2010 in Webster county outside of Marshfield driving a 2009 silverado 1500 on J highway I was driving way to fast with a good friend with me headed to the house to get our fishing poles to go fishing, we had just stopped at wal-mart to get my buddy fishing license and we were on our way we had always worn our seat belts because the beeping is annoying but this time we didn't.

We were in a hurry because my uncle had just texted saying the fish were really biting. I was driving and my phone went off it was in my pocket and I was trying to get it out. As we were going over some hills these hills are common for doing hill toping there your normal roller coaster hills and I hadn't slowed down at all as I toped the 3rd hill my truck was air born and there was a goldish color truck or car I don't really remember coming toward us. So I turned the wheel and when my tires made contact with the asphalt it shot me off to the right I corrected then corrected and corrected again then on the last time when I thought I had control of it my front passenger tire hit a mound of dirt right off the shoulder of the road. My truck went air born on its side into the ditch then it shot the truck into the air like a missel turning flipping im not sure because by this point im pretty sure I was unconscious.

When I woke up I still had my phone in my hand and I was sitting just how I had been my buddy was laying across my dash board long ways. I tried to open the driver side door it wouldn't open so I crawled across the seat and tried to open the passenger door it wouldn't open. I was trying to wake up my buddy the whole time. I started using my elbow to bust out the windshield the realized I could stand on it so I started kicking it tell I fell threw. About that time my buddy woke up and asked what happened I chuckled and said I don't no man. When I had started moving in the truck a bald guy had ran from the road asking if we were ok. He couldn't really do much because my truck was standing upright. when I was out I pulled my buddy out of the truck and we just looked at it and said "wow how did I do that." on star wouldn't shut up and it was a male the we could hardly understand telling us that we had been in a wreck and needed to stay in the truck. I told him "no crap we had been in a wreck" you could smell the gas and I told him that. (we were both out of the truck at this point) I kept telling him to shut up and he didn't listen so I tried to pull the mirror out so it would disconnect it didn't work. so I started walking away from the truck and looked at my buddy and said I don't feel very good. he said man your really pale why don't you sit down.

so I did then my neck started hurting so I laid back. about this time the school busses were trying to get all the kids home so the wreck got out fast. the first responders wanted to air lift me out but it would have taken longer so they drove me. I texted my uncle and told him I had gotten in a wreck and wouldn't make to the lake. I told the EMT not to contact anyone it would be fine. the Chaplin got word I was coming in and that it didn't look good he called my dad telling him he needed to come to the hospital that his son had been in a wreck the word got out to everyone and by the time I got to the hospital everyone in my family was there. my nephew who was 2 at the time saw me laying in the bed bloody and said "daddy what's wrong with uncle ******?" my brother said he got hurt he will be ok my nephew said "daddy uncle ****** cant be hurt he's superman! it made my brother cry.

I refused pain meds because the pain wasn't going to kill me its just pain. they pulled the glass out of my head and arm then scrubbed my arm and told me this is going to hurt I said ok. the doctors and nurses were worried about me because I hadn't said much and the only thing I really said was "how's my buddy?" they told me we was good getting released he had some cuts that was it. after the x rays and MRI I found out I had broken my C-4 and C-5 and was probably going to have surgery and they needed to get meds in me so I said ok. the next day the doctor came in and said your probably going to need surgery but the swelling has to go down for us to do anything come back in 2 weeks and we will figure it out. during that 2 weeks I went to parties ran 5 to 10 miles every other day and drank like a fish I didn't take my meds they told me would help the pain I worked out and also went fishing.

When I went back I got more x rays and the doctor was amazed he said your fine you don't need surgery and you don't have to wear the brace but take it easy your neck will be weak. we don't need to see you again but send me a picture of your truck. when I left I had the brace off before we got to the car and we went and had a beer and hot wings. I didn't put the brace back on after that. im great now and its been a year. that's my story loving life.



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