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Ferrari F355 Rear Ends SUV at 190mph


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Ferrari Car Accident

This is what happens when you drive a Ferrari F355 into the back of an SUV at 190mph.

Bits and pieces of the car and driver were found over a 100ft from impact.

Both drivers were killed.

Comments from viewers:

I would like to post a comment on a crash listed in your gallery #1 It is titled Ferrari F355 rear ends SUV at 190 mph in Houston TX. It was posted on or about 11-21-06.

My comment is this.... This accident took place in Brazil a number of years ago. It has had some very graphic photos on several different sites. It was not at speeds of 190, nor was it in Houston TX. It did not hit a SUV. What did happen was the car was clipped by another small car on a divided highway in Brazil. It spun out of control and hit the center divider. Speed was estimated at over 200 mph. Both the driver and passenger were killed. The driver was a rich kid that had a notorious record of speeding around for years. It puzzles me as to why people want to post photos that they ( find ) and make up untrue stories about the photos. [Other posters on this site] go to wrecking yards and take photos of car accidents and then send them in with fabricated stories of wrecks [they] have no idea about. I have viewed several photos that [they] have done this with. Maybe some people need to feel important or should get a life! Thanks for letting me vent and I hope you will post this comment to help curb any more of the above foolishness. Regards, Dave. S.

In response to Dave S., Thanks for the clarification on this accident. Unfortunately, this vehicle is not capable of speeds over much around 180, unless heavily modified, which is doubtful considering the model and photos. 190 is actually a much more "believable" approximation. We're all concerned that you're "puzzled" Dave, but I would venture to guess that viewers of this site take stories accompanying photos at face value, especially considering most visitors aren't here for the stories. As long as people appreciate that someone was severely hurt or killed, and that millions are affected by accidents daily, maybe it's okay to get a little creative with shocking photos, when wondering what the heck happened. Where did you get YOUR information, Dave S.? Posted by Mike J. 3/14/07
Ferrari F355 rear ends SUV at 190 mph in Houston TX. It was posted on or about 11-21-06.

I agree that this car did not rear end an suv, and yes in certain conditions this car could hit 200+, the reason it couldn't have hit the rear end of an suv is because if you look closely you realise the car has no rear end and the front end of this car is still entact, if the car indeed hit and suv the front end would no longer be visible and the rear end would be sitting there not the front end this car hit the gaurd rail with the aft end going at least 150, it's much more likley that the car spun out. Also the positioning of the car suggests a spin. You are proabaly confused with another wreck that involved a Ferrari F355. Oh and picture 3 is not of an SUV! That is definetly a small car. Posted by Bimmer. 4/26/07

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