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Suzuki Maruti Car Accident: International Alamin Road,
Cairo, Egypt

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Suzuki Maruti Car Accident: International Alamin Road,  Cairo, Egypt

Dear Sir;
Find attached my experience with car crash SUZUKI MARUTI which happened at the beginning of this month.

Written by: Ayman H.
Egypt, North Coast, September 2006

Saturday, September 9, 2006
· 2:00am In the middle of International Alamin Road, while I was coming back from Marina, I saw a very fast car moving towards me, in seconds it was very close.
· To avoid it, I rotate the wheel slightly towards left, I hit a metal rod, and then my car turned over twice on the sand.
· I felt apparently that my head was cracked; a trickle of blood ran from above my hairline to my cheek, I put some water on my wounded head.
· It was very dark, so I received no help.
· 3:00am After 1 hour of waiting, I went to my car to have some rest and sleep.
· 6:00am When I waked up, I took the following pictures.
· 6:30am Truck driver was helped me to call the police and he called my mobile, fortunately I found my mobile somewhere in the "tableau", my wallet was found in the sand.
· I took some pictures using my mobile phone, attached.
· 6:50am The Police officers arrived, they called rescue lift truck. I had never seen such gentle police.
· 7:00am I found my self 300meter from an "Ambulance", I went to there for First Aid, and they apologized as the doctor was sleeping, so I wait 2 hours until he waked up!
· 10:00am Ahmos - my friend - was arrived with a delicious breakfast as I was very hungry.

Sunday, September 10, 2006
9:00am I went to my work, I told no body.
· I did "Radio diagnosis" on my brain, it confirmed that:
­ No abnormalities noted in the white/grey matter.
­ No displacement of the middle line structure.
­ No fracture line detected.
· Now I forget what happened, I couldn't help thinking of that time any more.
· Thank God for grace, mercy and for provisions my salvation.
Thursday, September 14 [after 5 days]
· I drove 500KM to Sharm El Shiekh alone for a business trip, M.Sofy [My colleague] supposed to be with me in this trip, but because of workload [or may GOD loves him] he apologized in the last minute!

Feel free to contact me for more information:


Ayman H.

Egypt, Cairo


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