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Ford red crash

Yes my name is ryan the accident happend on July 26 2003 in Georgia in hall county at state route 129 and 284. This is a 1996 Ford ThunderBird 2D Coupe with a V8 motor auto trainee. I pulled up to a two way stop on 284 headed west to my house. I looked left then right when I looked left I seen a few cars way out in the distance new it was safe to cross on that end. Then I looked right and seen a white car way off in the distance and new it was safe to cross. I proceeded to cross looking left agian and then as I was going to look right I heard a horn and some what of a tire squeel then seen a dark silver nissan sentra to my right and heard her hit me.

My air bags deployed I hit the air bag face first it shoved my glasses into my face then up and over my head. I never lost conciness during the hole thing. She shoved my car onto the side walk into a guy's yard. I remeber some guy's standing on there porch then running to my car and the other guy running to her car. A male nurse live's there he came over and checked me out nothing really hurt exept my right arm and face there was blood every where so I figured I lost a tooth but checked with my tongue and none were missing. So I figured I had a bad cut or gash on my head. I took off my seat belt and got out of the car through the window and called my mom let her know what was going on.

The nurse brought me a towel and said I had a broken nose. Also a few minor cuts and burns from the air bag. The Female driver of the nissan had a broken arm. The male nurse told my sister why see was still there that I put my nose back into place. I dont remeber doing that. Me and the female went to the hospital and got checked out. We were fine except for the broken nose and arm. I talked with the Hall Co. Sheriff's Officer who investigated the accident he said she was doing about 55 or 60 mph from the scid mark estimated 63ft. but I dont thing she was doing that as bad as my car is and her's I think she was going alot faster than 55-60mph. My car is in really bad condition but in all no one was killed but I got a ticket for failure to yield the right of way. But as I say agian she wasnt there when I looked she must have bin flying or I had a blind spot. This is my story.

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