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Car Crashed Hit Light Pole at 50mph
Dalbrekka, Iceland

This Icelandic Crash: Pic 1

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Iceland Crash Car

07:50 on a Monday , Sept 2001, my son, 17 years old, was about to park his car Toyota) out in front of his school when his friend called him up from his home,( normal driving time 10 mi) totally overslept and asked for a pickup. My son being a good friend decided to oblige, turned around and picked him up. But in poor judgment they tried to beat the clock and get back to school before the bell rang in. On the last turn 150 yards from the school building they came too fast, missing the turn totally and ended right on a light pole doing 50 mph. Both of them had the sense of wearing seatbelts "Thank God" and the airbags probably helped. Both of them escaped with minor bruises from seatbelts and a scary reminder that the "Need for Speed" is not the same fun in reality as in the computer.

Ztonee´s rentacar and guesthouse. Nybylavegur 16 / Dalbrekka.

Submitted 1-20-02 By: F. St.

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