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BMW 645 Cut Off on Autobahn
Kaiserslautern, Germany

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This BMW Accident on the Autobahn : Picture 2
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BMW 645 Accident

The driver of this brand new 645 BMW was going about 125 Mph when he hit the rear end of a Bob-tailed Tractor trailer. Really says something about the safety of the new car designs.

This happened about 2 Kilometers East of Kaiserslautern, Germany on Autobahn 6 back in early March of this year. The driver of the BMW is a 24 year old star for the Kaiserslautern Germany professional Soccer Team. Car cost about ¤100K or more according to the Polizei. He hit the back end of a Bob Tail AAFES truck and spun him 180 degrees around so he was facing the oncoming traffic.

The guy I was riding with was about 300 Meters behind the AAFES truck and saw the whole thing happen. BMW driver was doing about 200 Kph in the left of three lanes then a small car cut him off. The only option the BMW guy had was either hit the little red car that cut him off or dive into the center lane where the AAFES truck was.

He chose the truck. Never hit the brakes at all. No skid marks; happened too fast. Best thing was both drivers walked away. Truck driver had a bump on his right arm but no other injuries. Really lucky drivers. v/r

Douglas D.

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