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Street Sweeper Broadsides 1999 Ford Taurus
Granite City, IL

This Crash:
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Street Sweeper Broadsides 1999 Ford Taurus Granite City, IL

Story of accident: On Thursday, March 1, 2007 myself & my mother was in my parents 1999 Ford Taurus station wagon. I was driving & my mom was in the front passanger

seat. We here heading going westbound on a side street named Victory Drive (a narrow 2 way side street) & was turning southbound on to Nameoki Road (a main road which is 4 lanes, 2 lanes going each way). Victory Drive & Nameoki Road is a "T" intersection which is controlled by stop lights on all 3 ends. I had a green light as I came up to the intersection & slowed down to make my left hand turn to go southbound on Nameoki Road.

As I came in to the intersection a 2005 Isuzu Street Sweeper (not sweeping at the time) broadsided us on the driver's side front, near the tire. According to the eye witnesses that stayed around & spoke to the cops, I had a green light when in the intersection & the street sweeper went right through the red light he had, without even putting on his brakes, until after hitting us.
He pushed us about 25 feet down the road & turned us around 180 degrees to where we where now facing northbound instead of southbound before the street sweeper stopped. I was doing approximately 15 mph at the time of impact & he was doing approximately 45 mph at the time of impact. Both me and my mother recieved some injuries. My head & left shoulder hit the driver side window, causing the window to come out of the track on the door & the rearview mirror came off in the accident & became a projectile, hitting me in the right side of my face, right along with a little doll my mom was holding at the time of the accident. My 2 cigeratte packs flew out of the center console cup holder & was underneath the dash on the passanger side.

It did screw up my back pretty good & I am out of work because of it currently. I also have headaches, right side of my face is hurt & swelled up a little & the my left arm & leg hurts. My mom screw up her back as well, along with bruised her knees & legs pretty well as her seat slid forward in the accident causing her knees & legs to hit the dash & glovebox.

The driver of the street sweeper was issued 2 citations, one for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident and one for failure to obey traffic control signal. The street sweeper only recieved a cracked turn signal lense on the passanger front & a scratched front bumper and was driven away from the scene. Our wagon on the other hand was totalled out & had to be hauled off by a flat bed. The only good news of the accident is that no one was was critically injured or killed, which I feel extremely lucky, considering he hit right on my side & how hard of an impact it was. --- Tim

Title: Street Sweeper broadsides 1999 Ford Taurus
Location of accident: Granite City, IL
Date of accident: 3/1/07

Comments from viewers:

Re: story update - Street Sweeper Broadsides 1999 Ford Taurus - Granite City, IL Posted 7/12/07

I was out of work for one month do to injuries from the accident. My total injuries ended up being a hairline fracture to the lower jaw, shiftment of almost every vertebrae in my back, severe nerve impingement syndrome, loss range of motion left arm, both legs, back & neck, along with sciatica of left leg. After 3 months of going to the chiropractor three times weekly & recieving physical therapy for 2 months at three times weekly, along with 5 appointments to my dentist, I have recovered alot. My jaw has healed completely. I do have some pernament damage from the accident, those include about a 5% loss range of motion in my back. Some vertebraes that are unable to be shifted back in to place (since I had back surgery in 1997 with spinal implant/fusion, it complicated my healing & can only have certain treatments, so it means no way to repair all damage caused by the accident). Some nerve impingement & also suffer from PTSD as a result. |

I will have to seek medical & chiropractic care for the rest of my life as a result of the accident, along with will have some loss range of motion, have muscle spasms, and periodic replapses of severe pain and loss of movement. I will forever have to call off work at times as a result, be limited on what I can do in life, as well as headaches, neck & back aches. I still have to go to the chiropractor twice a month for the next 6-7 months & than once a month after that, in order to help keep my problems from reoccuring, although I have been officially released as far as treatment is concerned & it has been stated by the doctors that I will not heal anymore. My mother is still being seen by the chiropractor once a week & recieving physical therapy three times weekly. She has partial lost range of motion in her right leg, however is expected to make a full recovery. The worst part of it all is that the insurance company is paying the medical bills as slow as possible & refuses to pay any lost wages or anything else until a final settlement is made, which my attorney says could be another 2 - 4 years, maybe longer.

As a result I have had to make severe expense reduction; as I currently have $3,000 in lost wages I have occured, along with still only back to work part time meaning I am still occuring approximately $260 a month in lost wages. Sadly enough the laws out there support insurance companies of negligant drivers, and does not care about those of us injured as a result reckless drivers. The worst part of it is I'm being turned in to collection agencies for my $20,000+ in medical bills related to this accident & am likely to end up being sued, which is hurting my credit, and theres nothing I can do, as I do not have health insurance to pay it for now, do not have $20k laying around to pay, and the insurance company doesn't have to pay any medical bills or anything else until after a settlement is reached, and any losses as a result of the financial burden resulting from the accident the insurance company is not LIABLE for. Sadly enough they can take as long as they'd like to pay, and is only responsible for direct losses from the accident (medical, lost wages, etc) & not indirect losses (house, car, cell, cable, harmed credit, etc) that occurs from the financial burden placed on a person after a severe accident. In essesnce the government says lets help insurance companies & reckless drivers out, but lets screw the victims of such car accident in anyway possible.

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