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MR2 after a High Speed Crash
Codlin Road, Waiuku, New Zealand

This Collision: Photo 2

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New Zealand rally car crash

Crash Location: Codlin Road, Waiuku, New Zealand
Model of Car:     1984 Toyota MR2
Driver:  Chase O. (Me/MR2)
Ricky M. (Mate/1990 Integra Type R)
Man (Mr Rattrie/Man/Custom V8 spaceframe buggy hotrod type thing of unknown year)
Date of Crash:   16/10/05
Story: This was one of the most eventful days of my life and it started out with my car crashing.
This is my red MR2 after a high speed crash at Codlin Road Waiuku. The car was part of a car club event and I was part of the cars competing in the event. The event was a hill climb or rally sprint whatever you want to call it. The event has three timed heats with a top 8 shootout at the end of the day. It was the second heat and after a fast first run I wanted to go faster. The car got through 99% of the course well and this meant that coming into the last corner I was going about 160 km/h which was fast given the bumps midway round the corner. Apparently it was too fast and the car stepped out. Being a rather inexperienced driver at the time I took my foot off the throttle which I now know to be very bad in such circumstances.

Anyway I took my foot out of the gas and the car did a full 180 spin as it crossed the finish line in front of a small crowd. I was not worried at all as I thought the car would come to a stop in a cloud of smoke. But the car had other ideas and slid into a bank flipping onto the driver’s side. I was absolutely terrified about this point as it was sliding on its side roof first down the road and I was waiting for it to start barrel rolling while looking at the ground rush by about a foot below me through the drivers window. Then something strange happened. One of the wheels dug in and spun the car round a few degrees before the other wheel dug in flipping the car back onto its wheels and spinning the steering wheel violently. Suddenly after screeching metal there was silence and I was OK* (*not really but I’ll get to that) so I stepped on the clutch and turned the key and the car roared back to life. Adrenalin pumping I TRIED TO hook reverse and back it out of the ditch but I felt a shooting pain. I tried to grasp the gearshift but it hurt and my hand wouldn’t close properly. After a great amount of pain I managed to select reverse and back up only to realize I needed to select first (sigh). When I finally got back to the pits I was asked if I was alright and then said my arm hurt.

On closer inspection I had an extra bend in my arm which was not good. When the steering wheel spun as the car landed my arm had caught in it snapping it above the wrist and the adrenalin was wearing off so it was starting to hurt. There is a paramedic at every event so I went looking for him only to hear there had been a much more serious accident on the track and someone was seriously hurt in a car that had hit a tree so he was there. I was then left to wander aimlessly around and think about the hours of body repair on my much loved car.

About half an hour later the medic came back and was surprised I hadn’t gone to hospital. He inspected my arm and confirmed that yes my arm was the wrong shape and may be out of action for a while. He also noticed that I was in shock and said I should sit down and stop wandering around. I heeded his word, made a sling for my arm and then sat down on one of the best corners and watched my mates racing the clock in their cars while sorrowfully looking down at mine. As I watched my mate Ricky blast past in his Type R Integra and power down the straight I was thinking about how well the car was going well and then I heard and saw something I will never forget as it rounded the corner I crashed on. I heard an impact and saw the underside of his Type R about 20 feet off the ground flying sideways and before I could say anything it landed on its side and started to roll violently. The car was flying to pieces and I started running towards it. When I got there he had already got out of the car and was standing by it next to his father who was co driver. I asked if everyone was alright before making comment on his accident using words I will not state here. The car was totaled and there was glass and bits of fence everywhere.

The scary thing was a concrete post had gone right through the car in the back, he was lucky it did not go through the door. Afterwards the wheels were folded underneath but the car still drove slowly so it was driven to the pits. He was trying to bet my time from my crash (I crossed the line even if it was backwards) and slid sideways and hit a natural ramp next to the road catapulting the car, the car could have hit a couple meters either side but it didn’t so it became a plane temporarily. In all 2 cars were absolutely totaled and mine was forever scarred. Looking back me and my mate laugh but it could have been a whole lot worse. We may have been racing but our cars had rollcages and harnesses plus we were wearing neck braces helmets and fireproof overalls.

Anything less and I would not be looking back on the accident with a good attitude or maybe not at all. My mate’s life was defiantly saved by the safety gear and as for the man that hit the tree he was seriously hurt even though his car was a full space frame race car so never street race a road car it is dangerous and deadly. Well that’s my story of one of the most eventful days ever. It was a couple years ago now but the MR2 still races with some body repairs and new panels as I have recently given it to my sister. My mate has since totaled two more type R Integras in even worse accidents (one went end for end in a huge accident and another caught air on a straight and flew into a plantation of pine trees and both times he was alright). The man that hit the tree never came back even though he was a well known club regular. Finally I am still racing and have a new MR2 and an RX7 plus have much improved car handling skills so not all was bad.
Attached: Picture of my car after the accident and a picture of the crash site
Description of Pictures:
My pictures show my car after the accident and where the car spun. The car as you can see had some gravel rash but otherwise it was fine. The crash site is where me and my mates car crashed. The skid marks are mine and you can see where it hit the bank cause there is a bit of dirt dragged out onto the road. When the car rolled a pair of sunglasses full out of the dash and disappeared along with the piece of dash they were on so if you find them you are welcome to keep them.


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