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Honda Versus Honda Cell Phone Accident
Wilmington, DE

The person driving the other car was 16 years old; smoking a cigarette and talking on her cell phone.

I then realized that my femur was broken in half, and proceeded to try to hold the bone in place so it did not break the skin.

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Honda Accord Cell Phone Crash

This was my car after an accident on March 15, 2006 in Wilmington, DE. I was driving a 1995 Honda Accord and the person who hit me was driving a Honda Civic (not sure of the year.) I was on my way to Yoga, it was 7:15pm. The person driving the other car was 16 years old; smoking a cigarette and talking on her cell phone. Her statement to the police was that she "took both hands off of the wheel, and lost control of the car." That is when her car jumped the median and hit me head on. I never saw her car coming because I was concentrating on the left turn lane I was about to get in to go to the gym. I blacked out when her car hit.

When I woke up, my car was spinning. This is when I slammed my foot down and shattered my calcaneus and talus bones (my heel and the bone on top of my foot holding my shin in place). I then was unable to breathe because of the airbag. Once I caught my breath my first instinct was to get out of my car. I then realized that my femur was broken in half, and proceeded to try to hold the bone in place so it did not break the skin. At this point two off-duty EMT's got into my car with me. One held my neck just in case I was injured, the other sat in the passenger seat talking to me to calm me down. I am not sure who called 911. If it was not for these two men, I would have been a raving lunatic but they kept me fairly calm.

I was unaware the whole time I was in the car that I had also shattered my left patella into 8 pieces (the doctor was only able to save 3) and that I had completely cut open my right knee. The only injuries I was aware of were my femur (obviously) and I thought I had broken my ankle because my foot was throbbing. I also had severe pain in my chest/sternum because of the airbag/steering wheel, and was having trouble breathing. I am not sure how long I was in the car, although it felt like forever. The firemen were unable to cut my door off because it was so smashed, so the EMTs had to slide a stretcher under me and pull me out of the car by my arms. I blacked out during this as well due to the pain. They then put me in the ambulance and had to drive 25 mph so that my legs did not shake around a lot.

Finally I got the morphine I was begging for and got to the hospital. I had surgery that night to repair my femur, knee-cap, and laceration on my other knee. They could not operate then on my foot because it was too swollen. I have a rod in my femur and four pins holding that in place. The three pieces of my patella that the doctor was able to salvage are wired together. I have a huge seven inch scar on my right knee and a 5 inch u-shaped scar on my left. I have thirteen pins in my foot and two metal plates, as well as two huge scars on the inside and outside of my foot. I was in the hospital for 7 days, which were the worst days of my life. And had surgery 2 weeks later on my foot; the most pain I have ever been in my life.

This all happened to me my senior year of College, 2 months before graduation. All because a 16 year old was irresponsible and selfish. However, I had overwhelming support from friends and family, amazing surgeons, an even better physical therapist and most importantly, a fantastic, smart lawyer (and wonderful professors who helped me to still graduate on time). So please, when you see this picture, and read my story - take it to heart. Stop talking on your cell phone while driving, if you did, and tell others about it, and ask them to stop talking on their cell phones. It is so dangerous and distracting, and I am lucky to be alive. From Lesley-Ann B.

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