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Ford Fiesta XR2 Accident Picture
Norwich UK

The main witness stated that I was driving sensibly for miles but was overtaking her at the final moment
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Ford Fiesta XR2 Accident

Can't remember what happened, can't believe I'm not dead Injury: Severe head injury and a big scar on my face, no one else was hurt My bad driving: The main witness stated that I was driving sensibly for miles but was overtaking her at the final moment Conviction: Only one after 12 years of driving: Driving without Due care and Attention 6 points and a £70 fine

Justin T.

Comments from Viewers:

Hi- I cant remember submitting my pics to your site:

But can you add a link to my site somewhere in the text. The pics are out of context:

Thanks, Justin Posted 4/14/07

More from Justin about his Crash and Life experience: "for 2 days I was nothing, my mind had ceased to register the world, it was all black.. nothingness. It was only slowly that I started to register the world again.."

I was unsure where I was. It was like a hotel, but there were many other people in the room, mostly in beds also. Sometimes there were two people sitting with me. Slowly I recognised them, the first became my Mother, and the second resolved as my girlfriend; sitting sometimes by the side of my bed. I looked on, not really taking part in the things happening around me.

In order for you to understand what was happening to me I will have to take you on a flashback. At the age of 17 I passed my driving test. In 1989 I bought my first car, a Vauxhall Chevette Preg! Then in 1991 at the age of
21 I bought a Ford Fiesta XR2 C reg. It cost me £3500. My Mum lent me the money and in one year I paid it off at £200 a month and more. I also paid £ 800 for my insurance. Most people want a fast car, and I had mine at 21. I did drive fast in it, but not like a mad lunatic.

The car took me and my friends to raves in '91 to '94 and I used to travel to many places in England. The car gained another 80,000 miles on the clock while I had it. For a year (two lots of six months) it sat faithfully at home while I travelled to Goa, India in '94 and '95.

By now it was starting to look a bit dog eared and I spent £3000 of my savings doing it up (all my savings in fact). It was resprayed, given a new powerful engine, new wheels, etc. etc. My trusty fast car had become very - very fast, and it was looking good. I got the car into fast ford magazine: they sent a photographer and journalist. The article covered 4 pages, not brilliant, but not bad for my old fiesta.

During this time, due to the massive power increase of the engine, along with a few more tweaks, my driving was becoming much too rapid. One day in May '98 I was sitting in the car, fiddling with some tweak or other,
thinking about my driving style and wondered to myself: 'Where will it end?' It ended in a crumpled shell of a smashed car. It ended when I started to perceive the world again from my hospital bed.

I have no memory of the accident, but I am told that I tried to drive my car on the wrong side of the road into another car coming the other way: in a foolish bid to pass another slower car on my side of the road. I smashed my lovely fiesta into two halves. I smashed my head. I was lucky not to be smashed completely.

Now after thinking over events leading up to the crash: I can remember thinking that I would not drive so fast that day. The breaks felt a bit funny and I would take it easy, but I still managed to drive like a fool. The court thought so too. They prosecuted my for: driving 'without due care and attention' gave me six points and a £70 fine (a small fine as I was unemployed).

I had lost my savings, my lovely car, nearly my life, and because I didn't injure anyone else I kept my licence. But, boy, had I paid for my stupid driving.

I learnt that dying is not so difficult, for 2 days I was nothing, my mind had ceased to register the world, it was all black.. nothingness. It was only slowly that I started to register the world again.. like the same feelings I had when becoming aware of the world when a baby. I clearly saw that there is nothing outside of the human mind.. the other side was just black and very very easy to get to. It seems that being dead for eternity (which will happen to us all) is not so hard after-all.

I should have died at 28 - anything I get extra now is a bonus. I also learnt that speeding is stupid.

Leading up to the crash
Well it's not a very exciting story really. I followed a Pug106 for a long way and due to a few trucks couldn't get past. The Pug driver was a nurse or something and she overtook a lorry and lost sight of me. Then a few minutes later she sees this XR2 coming at very high speed (guess I was sick of being behind her) and moving to overtake. Thing is she knows there is a Pug306 coming the other way. Next thing she hears a whacking great crunch. The RAF chaps in the 306 said I was on the wrong side of the road heading towards them, but they had airbags. The £2k modded engine I had in the XR2 didn't give any grunt when trying to overtake, it only flew when taking off. Still I shouldn't have been such a twit. Further witness reports said they saw the front end off a car with a driver pop out of the bushes in-front of them.

Bad crash uk
Bad crash 2
Serious crash UK
Bad crashed UK

This Ford Crash: Pic 2 | Pic 3 | Pic 4

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