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bad crash

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Bad Car Crash

I was traveling on Double Bridge RD and came up on a nasty little curvy, and half way through I met my fate. Fate being that of a 2000 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually, carrying a kabota tractor and a trailor. Yeah, I was in a 1989 Ford Probe.

The truck ran over the front of my car with the front wheel hitting my face.

The radiator of the Dodge ruptured and spilled on my left arm, the tire obviously crushed my face in several places, I lost vision in my left eye.

I also suffered from two broken femurs, and crushed my right ankle. Along with the crushed skull I recieved slight brain damage, but only to a minimal extent. Three inch bone spikes were pulled from my brain, the meningis was ruptured and I had to undergo a spinal tap. I spent 3 months in the hospital unable to walk due to the broken ankle, had metal rods placed in my legs to repair the bone, and I underwent three facial reconstructions, two of which used titanium mesh and didn't work out too well with my body... So they used what *was* left of my skull and split it in half to piece together as the front of my face. \o/

Stages I underwent after the accident, doctors said there was no way I was going to live... I had about a pint of blood left when I got to the hospital. Well, I decided to live. Then they said that I would have severe brain damage, if I could move or speak that would be a miracle. Here I am
typing this, able to move and speak. I also had a IQ test to compare to one I had before the accident (years before). My results were still above average at a mere 129 IQ points, which is quite lower than my previous score of 148.

I am now in pretty healthy condition, I am in college at Piedmont, 18 years old. \o/ James
December 12, 2003


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